Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Detours, distractions and other stuff

Well, just in case you wondered - all those boxes of holiday decor are still out! Hubby had to be in J'ville for a couple of days and instead of staying here and getting all the decorating done, I went with him. (only time I get to see my parents so. . .)

This is what is keeping Daddy busy these days

Looks like quite a project, huh?

It'll be great when he is finished though!

We got back late Friday night and again, instead of spending Saturday working on decorating - we went to Galveston. It was 'Dickens on the Strand' weekend and the weather was nice so off we went. Got there just in time to see a parade!

Would you attempt to ride one of those?


Fire Brigade

There were some interesting entries in the parade!

After the parade we walked around - thought I might find a Christmas gift or two, but I didn't buy one thing.

There were plenty of street performers

And Captain Jack?

Sunday we went out and did a little (and I mean very little) Christmas shopping. I've been trying to get the holiday decor finished so I can get all these boxes put away and finish my Christmas shopping. (which is why I haven't posted - I should be decking the halls right now, but I took a lunch break!) I've had (tree) light issues which has taken a big chunk of my time but I think I'm on my way now. I can see light at the end of the tunnel - I just hope it isn't a train!

Okay - I better get back to it. I hope to have some decor pics to post tomorrow!

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