Friday, August 17, 2007

first stitches

I'm not sure if these pillowcases were my very first stitches or not, but they have to have been pretty close. I can remember stitching on them at my great-grandmother's house one summer and giving them to my grandparents for Christmas that year. I know it was before we moved to Texas. I'm guessing I must have been around 10 or 11? I don't think I have stitched another pair of pillowcases until I stitched the ones a month or so ago - at least I don't remember stitching any. While I was stitching that pair, I remembered these. All I could really remember about them was that they had blue birds. My grandparents are no longer living but my uncle is living in their house and he found these for me. I don't know if my grandmother ever used them or not but I hope she did. They look pretty good on the front but we won't show a picture of the backs! I've learned a lot in 30+ years of stitching! (not that I have perfect backs now, but. . .)

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