Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Guys

These pictures are nearly two years old (Thanksgiving '05), but getting the three of them in one picture only happens once in a great while! These days it seems the only time they are all three in the same room together is late at night or the wee hours of the morning (when I'm asleep!) or when there are lots of people around and getting pictures gets lost in the confusion until it is too late. Is there anything better than seeing all your kids together and having a good time? As for getting them to stand still long enough to get a picture, well that is an even harder thing to catch. Timothy is the one in the orange shirt. He is the middle child (and hates to have his picture made - takes after his mother!) Black shirt is Brian, the oldest and white shirt is Jason, my baby (who will be 21 in November - how did that happen?) Yes, he is the one who shaved his head back in July.

Baby boy called last night - at midnight, what was he thinking? Auditions for the fall semester are over and he has a part in As You Like It. Show runs Nov 13-17 so if you are reading this from anywhere close to Nacogdoches mark your calendar and come see him on stage!


Esther Sunday said...

Good lookin' cherubs - way to go mom! Your food bill must have been crazy when they were teens! Phew! Love, Esther

Cottage said...

Tina congratulations to your son on getting the role!! Now I won't be's a bit of a trip, but I think it is amazing you got three males to agree to stand that long in one position. In fact, because my males are very similar to yours, I believe you may have performed a miracle.

My young one gives me mere seconds to shot a photo, then takes the camera away if I keep snapping pictures. When did they get to be big and bossy?

Give 'em a hug, they are I know you know.


Anonymous said...

Great looking bunch of boys! You definitely sound like a pround mom! Way to go :)