Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Passion Flowers and missing needles

So, I started these new pillowcases last night. I usually only stitch with one needle, but part of this is stitched with two threads, part with three, so I was going to change needles. When I picked up the package needles flew everywhere! They are NOT secured in the package! I can account for all but one of the needles - I'm not positive how many there were in the package to begin with as it was an already opened package - I know I had taken one out to use on the last set of pillowcases. Oh well - if I end up with a needle in my foot (or behind - some of them landed in my chair) I'll know I was missing one! This orange hoop has stitched many a project over the years. For a long time it was the only one I owned! I stitched everything with this one 6" hoop. That was before the internet came into my home and I learned about Q-snaps and scroll frames. (and linen and hand-dyed fibers, oh my!) Yes, my stash has grown a lot since the internet came to live here.

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