Monday, May 2, 2011

Empty Nest

Bad dog. She doesn't just stalk squirrels - she has been stalking the birds on the patio ever since they started chirping.

I've been trying to protect them with stuff pushed up in front of the drawer without blocking the opening for mama bird to feed her babies (see the table I had pushed up there?)

Well, yesterday the birdies decided it was time to leave the nest. This is the second birdie to come out. I'm sad to say the first one didn't fare well. Bad dog might be an old dog (9 years) but she is still fast and she jumped up over the table and snatched the first birdie as soon as it poked it's little head out of the drawer. Hubby was outside but she was too quick for him. We ran bad dog in the house and didn't let her back out until the other three babies were safely gone.

I guess these two couldn't decide who should go first.

They hopped along behind the deck box

and off the patio and under the fence into the neighbor's yard. Her dogs weren't out so I hope they made it safely to their new home. (of course her dogs might not think they are bird dogs like one of ours does)

Mama bird was coaching them along. I'm sorry about your other baby, mama bird.

Now we just have an empty nest.


C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Sorry about the first birdie but what a treat to watch the others "get their wings". Great picture of mama bird coaching!

Anonymous said...

We have always had birds making nests on our porch at the lake. As we are showing the house, we do not want them to right now. We found a spray at a nursery (20 dollars a bottle) that smells awful until it dries. But it makes the birds not build their nest there, and does not hurt them. Terry