Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We've been paintin

How did you spend your weekend? We spent ours painting!

I showed you the 'game room' in this post.

This is what it looked like Friday night.

We painted on Saturday and got everything moved back into place. I plan to replace the two chairs with a small sofa - eventually. It's on the list, just not at the top of the list.

I even hemmed and ironed the curtains before I put them back up. (they originally went up straight out of the package. I used the iron on tape that comes with them to hem them)
(I'm also in the market for a chair to use with the desk - the folding chair is too wide to push under the desk)

We moved the chairs to the wall opposite the tv and moved one of the bookcases against the half wall (stairs on the other side of wall) I still need to re-work all the stuff on the bookcases. Can you tell that the green in the game room is darker than that on the stair wall? Can't decide what - if anything - to hang on the stair wall. Any ideas?

I really like this green color. (Patina, from Lowe's) We left the ceiling 'boring builder beige'.

Now I need to re-hang all baby boy's play posters. If you looked at the before post, you know there are quite a few to hang!

I'm trying to find just the right pink to paint my sewing room/office. Hopefully it will be the next room to loose the beige!


Mouse said...

oo you have been busy :) well done and mmmm it has defo got to be the right pink for in there :) love mouse xxx

annemarie said...

Love those green walls - you are really making great progress!

All things beautiful said...

Oooooooooh, I spy 2 lovely Annie dolls in the games room :) Did u make them?