Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A new project

I'm starting a new project. Yes, I know I have plenty started already but I need this one for a gift - which is why I'm not showing the chart, just the supplies - minus the buttons I forgot to put in the pic. (said person might happen upon my blog, though doubtful, plus - if I don't get it finished in time. . .) I'm changing two of the thread colors. I'm replacing the called for ecru rayon with the darker color DMC (I hate stitching with rayon) and I changed the braid from a white one to the silver/gold one.

Anyway - FAS and the quilt will be on hold for awhile. I made a little progress on FAS (will show later) and on the quilt I only have 3 blocks left to quilt then I'll have to decide how I want to quilt the borders.

In other news - the DVR is on the fritz - again. Let me just say, if you have a choice between the DVR from the cable company and TiVo - go for TiVo. We had TiVo for years and loved it. When our cable provider 'upgraded' and made our TiVo useless (since it wasn't HD ready) our choices were to buy a new TiVo (and I wish we had done that) or go with the cable company's DVR. This DVR is the pits. (not the word I really wanted to use) Last time it was screwed up I managed to get it back working by re-setting it but that didn't work this time. Called tech support who basically had me do the same thing - then she told me she couldn't help me and would have to send a tech out - first available appt. - FRIDAY. So, in a nutshell - TiVo ROCKS, cable DVR - not so much. (since I really don't know what cable company you have, I'm really only speaking for the one we have, which I'm not naming here but if you want to know, email me) Cable/internet service isn't bad, but that DVR may end up in the middle of the street soon.

I'm off to iron my fabric and start my new project!

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Unknown said...

Hi Tina!! Happy Mother's Day sweetie!! THANK YOU soooo much for the beautiful card! It was such a surprise and right when I needed it too. You are such a wonderful friends to think of me like that. I appreciate you so much sweetie!! I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day today!!
Big Bunny hugs xoxo,