Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mark all read

I hated to do it but I had to use the 'mark all read' button in my reader. I had so many unread posts there was no way I could ever catch up. I hate doing that because I know I missed something good!

Since I have no picture to go with this post, I am posting an old one - from the old house. This is the Texas Sage that was in my front flower bed when it was blooming. If I had any planted here it would bloom in another 2 days because we actually had RAIN yesterday! (they bloom 3 days after rain - how they know the difference between rain and a water hose is beyond me) How is that for tying the pic to the post?

I don't have any wild notions that I will be able to keep up from this point but at least at the moment I'm starting with a clean slate. I'm sure I will be behind again by the end of the day. Oh well.

We have a chance for rain again today - keep your fingers crossed!

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Picket said...

Morning friend...that flower is beautiful...I have never heard of it but how neat that it knows when it rains like that! lol Thanks so much for coming by...hope you have a great week..Picket