Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tinkling toadstools

Look! I have more toadstools! (and look at all the vincas coming up - I didn't plant any in this bed this year!) I just call them my mushrooms, but they are actually called 'tinkling toadstools'. They are ceramic and the top just sits on top of the stem and if there is enough of a breeze, they tinkle!

See how dry that mulch is? We keep watering, but if we don't get some rain the mushrooms might be the only color in the flower bed. The geraniums do have some buds on them but they are only blooming a few at a time. We NEED RAIN! (no hurricanes, thankyouverymuch, just some rain will do)

I showed these awhile back - I only had three then. I got the large blue one and the small green one at a nursery in East Texas before we moved. Went back to get more and they no longer carry them. I've been looking for them ever since and I finally found the large green one at the hardware store here. It was the only one they had and I bought it even though I already had the small green one. (I had a coupon since I had mailed something - our post office is in the hardware store - it was only good for that day and who am I to waste a coupon?) Anyway - a reader saw them in a store in WV and offered to get some for me.

Now I have a pink one and a purple one too! I have a whole mushroom family! I just love them.

Thanks so much Donna!


Mouse said...

ohhh so glad you finally managed to get some more :) I was looking at the the other day over here at my garden centre :) hope you get a nice down pour or two soon :) love mouse xxx

Carolyn said...

Love your mushroomies! Too cute! I hear ya on the dryness. If we don't get some rain soon, I don't know what's going to happen. It sure is a pain trying to keep things watered.

Hey, gf, call me tomorrow, okay? I plan to be home all day. Time for a catch up chat! Love ya!

Patty C. said...

Your mushrooms are too cute

annemarie said...

Love the mushrooms - sounds like rain is on its way - hopefully tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome :) They look so cute together!
Donna in WV