Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. . . isn't that how it goes? Or when your dog breaks your pretty blue birdbath - make a bottle tree!

I can't seem to find the pics, but last summer the lizard chasing (squirrel chasing, coon chasing - whatever moves chasing) dog broke my blue birdbath. I couldn't seem to part with the base and kept a potted plant on top of it the rest of the summer - but it blew off every time the wind kicked up so I needed to find something else to do with my base. I ran several things through my head and this is what I came up with (for now) I'm still working on blue bottles (I want them all blue on this one - might use other colors on another one later) The fence pieces hide the utility boxes . Eventually (hopefully by next summer) this will be incorporated into a flower bed.

The wee bit of rain we had last week was apparently enough for something to start blooming. Not sure what but it must be something my allergies don't like. I thought they were bad when we were in J'ville but they are actually worse here. Argh.

I'll take my whine and go now.

Hope you are having a great (allergy free) week!


Deb said...

I think that your bottle tree is the perfect solution to the broken bird bath. It's very pretty and will add a great spark of color that you won't get from flowers.

Mouse said...

heheh love it .. at least you don't have to remember to water it ..lol and sorry to hear about your allergies .. I've had to take my antihistamines earlier this year for some reason :(
love mouse xxx