Monday, January 9, 2012

The green knife

First, I'll apologize for the picture being sideways - the computer and I are not in agreement today.

This is the green knife. The green knife is sharp. I'll spare you a picture of what happens when the green knife meets the thumb. We will just say I have not been too productive since Saturday evening. I did finally get a few stitches put in on a new project yesterday afternoon but it is slow going when the needle keeps getting stuck on a bandaid.

It is dark and dreary today. Lots of rain, lots of flooded roads. At least I don't have any reason to leave the house today!
When I moved the little garden house outside it already had lights in it - I had put them in the first Christmas we were here and left them after Christmas and I would plug them in on occasion. When we put all the Christmas decor away this time I left the lights in the garden house again and I left them on the daylight/dark timer. As you can see, they are on in this picture - that is how dreary our weather is! (they have been on and off several times today) We need the rain so I'm not complaining too much - just statin' the facts. I can't decide what to put in there with the angel. I don't want to put plants in there that I have to move inside when the weather gets cold (like it is supposed to do later this week) so it may just stay empty for now.

I'm rambling so I guess I should go do something productive.


Terry said...

Dark, dreary, and 43 here ..I had to stand in the rain with kids this afternoon..yuck! So sorry about the cut! Pansies like cold..maybe a few in terra cotta pots? Your garden house always looks pretty. :)

Mouse said...

ouch re the thumb ... bad news for a stitcher and its been rather dark and dreary apart from today around the mouse house too ... love mouse xxxx

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Yes, ouch on the thumb! :(
It was kinda dark and dreary around here but no rain. The question your little greenhouse waterproof? I'm thinking maybe some of the poofy type stuffing that is light and airy and looks like snow? Senior moment here. :/
I'm in a bottle brush type mode right now with my snowman decorations, so I'm thinking maybe some of the those with the angel?
I think I need to go to bed! LOL