Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Two out of three

A couple of weeks ago, Timothy was in New York on a church trip. He and baby boy got to spend a little time together. If they had known that Timothy was literally just around from Jason's apartment they might had have had more time to spend together - but then again, it was a working trip for Timothy, They might not have - who knows. Timothy sent me this picture from his phone and I'm just now getting it posted but I've been looking at it daily (and finally had it made into a print)
Warms this momma's heart, especially when I know how much Timothy does NOT like to have his picture taken (he gets that from his momma)
Anyway - baby boy (Jason) in the red shirt and Timothy looking all snazzy in that hat.
Love those boys (and their older brother) with all my heart.

Maybe a crafty post next time, but no promises I have project ADD so one never knows from one day to then next what I'll be working on. Right now there is a project with paint drying out on the picnic table.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!