Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day!

A few shots from around the house.



Hope you have a great day.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The birthday boy

Have to send out a happy birthday to the middle kidlet today! Wish we could spend the day with him but we will have to settle for a phone call later today. (he's working this morning) 

Do we ever stop seeing our children as 'children'? This one is usually pretty serious but on occasion the kid will come out in him.

Happy birthday, Timothy! 
Hope you have an awesome day!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

A little stitching and a new bed

I'm just now getting around to posting some pre-Christmas stitching.

I stitched The Birthday Tart from Plum Street Samplers three times for friends for Christmas. I have another tart pan to stitch one for myself. I really didn't mind stitching multiples because it was such a fun stitch.

 Also, finally getting around to showing pictures of our new bed.
We bought the mattresses and frame at Christmas last year thinking that we would build a headboard and footboard, but the longer I looked at it, the more I missed my metal bed (we went from a queen to a king so I couldn't use the old one - passed it down to the middle kidlet) so I started looking for a metal one but they were few and far between in stores and I was a little hesitant to order on online fearing that it would be too lightweight.

Right before Christmas we went back to where we bought the mattresses and frame. This was the first bed I saw when I walked in the store and it was exactly what I wanted. (and the only metal bed they had in the store!) It's nice and heavy. I think it also comes in white, but I wanted the black. (I already had the bed linens)

Long story about the delivery and set up but I'll just say you can go to Lowe's and get $8.00 worth of bolts and washers and put it together yourself and save a $99 delivery fee. (they couldn't figure out how to attach it to the existing frame and wanted to send a 'technician' to see what was needed to attach it, seriously? I did get my $99 back)
We did have to lower the frame which meant my bed skirt was too long. I finally got that fixed and back on the bed. 
I'm thinking I need a rug to go under the bed but I'm happy with it!