Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome and Chores

I am still coming across goodies from the get-a-way. This sign was one of the door prizes I won - the exact colors I have in my house. Right now I have it in the entry but I will move it when I decide where it really needs to live

and just to prove that I do actually stitch every once in awhile, I finished this piece a couple of weeks ago and happened to have a frame the perfect size for it. It was a bright white so I gave it a little roughing up.

My to do List - Lizzie Kate designs. I've got it on the cart in the kitchen so I see it often.

Still can't find 'Too Cute For Pie' Moved when I put the Christmas stuff out and I don't know where I hid it.

Hope you are having a good week. The last two days here have been HOT but we had a bit of a cool down overnight so it is rather pleasant out there this morning.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Get-a-way goodies

Yes, it has been a month since the stitching get-a-way but I'm just now getting my pictures together. The ones that were taken there are off my phone, the others were taken with my camera - I think the phone does a decent job. Or maybe it is just because I don't know diddly about taking photos so using a camera doesn't help? Anyway here are a few of the things I came home with.

 Not sure what is what at this point but I know the wine glass and the silver (with the heart) paper weight were in the gift bag I got along with this pair of scissors

and the pink crystal turtle magnet in the center of this board (I've had the board and put the ribbon on it when I made the one for the gift bag)

 Okay - now my pictures are mixed up - but I've been collecting pink crystal needle magnets for awhile so mr. turtle is right at home!

 the other stuff in the first pic were either door prizes or get-a-way goodies along with the tote bag above and the plastic box and stuffs inside it.

Here is the other picture that was supposed to be with my first picture the big flower was also in my gift bag. I put it on my other magnet board (that I also added ribbon to) You can't tell I like magnets, can you? There was also a bottle of wine in my bag but I put it with the other bottles and now I don't know which one it was.

This is the stitching room - snapped this as we were all going to eat.

 Here is a picture of all the projects we got while we were there. These are the finished samples - I have not finished any of mine yet. The silk floss and my sandpaper rough hands make for slow stitching or I end up shredding the thread but I'm working on the little pin keep. There is a better picture on the shops website. I know I missed getting some of the stuff photographed this year - it was just a busy few weeks all jumbled together and I had already put some stuff away. I do still have some outside photos to show. They have been doing a lot of work on the place and it is looking really great. I'll try to get those up soon (more phone photos since I didn't have my camera)

This was the 9th get-a-way I have been to with 3 Stitches I always have a great time but I have to say, I think this one was the best one so far. Pam did a great job and I can't wait to see what she  comes up with for next year!

Need to get off here and go check on another project I've got going today. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Texas weather

If you don't like it now, wait a few minutes - it'll change! Started off yesterday morning in flip flops - ended the day in a sweatshirt! I've still got some retreat pictures to get up but I had company a few days and spent a few days out of town and I'm still trying to track down all the retreat photos and get them in one spot so I know what I have. (not much - I only took pictures with my phone)  Thought while I had a minute I would show you our two trees in the back yard. Didn't think they were going to make it but they are filling in and looking pretty good right now.

We have so much work to do in the yard - all we need is time and money.

I hope you are all having a great week!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Give me patience

Surely I will get this all figured out sooner or later. :)

There is always a random gift exchange at the get-a-ways - the object is to give things that give clues to who you are while everyone watches you open the gift. Once your gift has been opened, you get to be next. They are all just piled on a table and you pick - mostly by the wrapping.  No one is supposed to know who brought what until Saturday morning when we open them. It's always fun to see what people brought and how many things turn out to be just perfect for the person who picked a particular gift.. Some of my stuff has already been scattered all over the house and I am going to try to get it together for a picture soon.

This is one of the things I put in my gift bag - I put some other small stuff in there too but I cannot remember what and I only took a picture of the magnetic board. The minute I saw one of these decorated with ribbon I knew that is what I was going to get! (I have two of these boards myself and they are now decorated with ribbon too - I'll show them soon) The 'marbles' are magnets.

Here is one of the things I came home with - a new night shirt (told the hubby it was my new anniversary nightie) I much prefer a v neck to a crew neck and it is pink and big - what's not to like?

Okay, enough of that, I'm supposed to be cleaning up my sewing room - I think I've been side-tracked again. Oops.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Who turned on the heat?

edited to add - when the heck did they start putting random ad links in posts and how to I get rid of them? The only link I put in this post is the one to 3 Stitches.

I'm not sure exactly how warm it got today but I had my own little tropical not-so-paradise going on. I guess it was a day-long hot flash with a side of migraine that didn't start to back off until nearly 5:00 this evening. But enough about that. I've got to start getting on here more often - if for no other reason than once I find something and figure out how to do it, it gets changed and I have to figure it out all over again. I am so not tech-savvy

Anyway - after I made quilts for all the kids for Christmas I just didn't have the time to make another one for the hubby so I made him one for our anniversary. I took it with me to the 3 Stitches get-a-way and sewed the label on it. All the time I was working on it he never figured out it was for him.

As usual, I can't name the fabrics since some of them have been in my stash for a couple of years but the pattern is from the book Simplify by Camille Roskelley. As you can see, it is a large throw size - he is hiding behind it while holding it up for the photo, just right for him to use to take a snooze in his recliner (though he doesn't need it today!)

I will try to get some pictures of the get-a-way up soon. My camera died before I took the first photo so I am having to get them off my phone before I can post them. Also, I usually try to take a picture of all my goodies when I get home but some of it has been put away already - I'll try to round up what I can and get some pictures with the camera. (battery has been charged!) There is always a theme to the get-a-way that no one knows except Pam - this year was Simple Pleasures and Pam did an awesome job. Loads of fun and lots of goodies!