Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Since my last post...

 We have had a bit of excitement here. 
Middle kidlet called on Sept. 15 and asked what we had planned for October 1st.
Well, nothing, why?
While Cindy and Tyler have been a part of our family for well over a year, 
 it was time to make it official and they wanted to do it here, at our house. 
Yep - gave mom a whopping 15 days to plan a wedding!
Mom is not a wedding planner, but I got to work. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!
I think it turned out okay for my first attempt.

I was up early on Saturday morning and in an attempt to not wake anyone else in the house I took my coffee and went out on the patio. I turned on the lights and snapped this picture.
Once everyone else was awake we started taking care of last minute details. I don't have many pictures yet. My niece was in charge of photos and I trusted her to capture the day so I put my phone on silent and left it inside. I just wanted to enjoy the moment without looking through the phone/camera lens. The few pictures I have here were shared with me by others. I will share more when I have them.

It was a simple ceremony with just family and friends. 

I love this picture. All the men in my life.
My brother, hubby, oldest kidlet, 'new' grandson, baby boy, middle kidlet and my dad.
I am truly blessed.

Ended the day back on the patio. 
(This is the other side)
It has been unbearably hot this summer (Texas really doesn't 'do' fall) but we got a bit of a break and the weather was perfect over the weekend.

Nothing makes this momma happier than seeing her children happy.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Happy Birthday!

 Let's all say Happy Birthday to this guy! 

Hope you have an awesome day!
Love ya!!!

Monday, August 8, 2022

A Finish!

Just to show, I do actually stitch now and then

I finished the stitching on Liberty Sam by Lizzie Kate.
I will wait until I get ready to fully finish him before I fuzz up the whisper thread and add the embellishments. I have his lady friend and will stitch her on the same fabric. 

I picked up the kit for this mesh tote at a quilt shop in Pueblo last summer and I finally decided to sit down and actually make the bag. Not my favorite project! It called for heavy duty nylon thread - if I never sew with that stuff again it will be too soon. I made some mistakes and my lines aren't all straight but it's just for me and I think it's pretty cute!

Still working on the cabinet make-over. It has actually made it into my sewing room (and said room is currently trashed - no sewing for me for awhile). I decided to go ahead and paint the wall behind it before I put it in place but before I can do that, there are some holes left by the previous owner that need to be patched. I'll have to paint this room one wall at a time. Too much stuff to move around!

That's it from hot and humid Texas.
I'm currently waiting on some paint to dry - it takes a minute with the high humidity.


Friday, July 29, 2022

What We Have Been Up To

Hubby had last week off from work so we took on a couple of projects around the house. 

First up was a little bedroom refresh. 
I failed to take a still photo of the noisy ceiling fan.

But the first project was replacing it with one with a light on it. 
We don't need the light as we have 4 can lights and 5 lamps in this room. It was just too pretty to pass up!

I got some new bedding and now the room has a new, fresh look!
That was the easy project. 

Then came project two.

It started with taking this built in cabinet out back in the fall.
We had to separate it into four parts to get it out and they have been stacked on the back patio. (in the way!) It is all solid wood so I didn't want to just throw it away so I decided to repurpose it for my sewing room. Problem is, it was not only too large for the room but too large to get inside the house in one piece. So, we cut the depth from 24" to 12". That alone was quite the feat. Parts of it had to be disassembled even farther to cut it down. We also had to cut out some of the width to both get it back inside and have room for it in the sewing room. Then we had to figure how to put it back together.

In case you wondered how many tools it takes for a project like this - well, all of them! LOL

Not quite enough hands to hold the top part up and attach it...

Since the cabinet originally only had a back on parts of it we had to get some new paneling for the back. I admit I was doubtful of getting two sheets of 4'x8' paneling in a Honda Pilot. He was determined to prove me wrong!

SO, no it's together and inside the house. I still need to caulk and put a final coat of paint on it.
Nothing was getting completely dry outside (humidity) so we brought it inside Sunday night.
I haven't had a chance to work on it any since then but at least it's not tacky now. I'll get to it - eventually.
We still have extra lumber to make shelves for the center section but we will get this out of the living room first.

We have to figure out how to get it from the living room to that messy room around the corner. Hubby says it's no problem. We will see!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Catching Up

 We had a visitor weekend before last.

Tyler brought a Lego kit with him .
1200+ pieces

He and Pa got started on it the first night he was here.

Not bad for a couple of hours of work!

We took him to show him around where Pa works

Then an afternoon of video games (Vegas for kids!) 

We took in a movie.

Then Tyler and Pa did the ropes course.

Ma did not.

They finished the James Bond Aston Martin on night two!

We played some putt putt

Just chillin

All too soon it was time for Tyler to head home. 
Can't wait for him to come visit again soon!

We were pretty busy this past week.
I'll try to post an update on that in the next few days.

It's been super hot here - I hope you are keeping cool wherever you are!

Monday, July 11, 2022

Lemons and Liberty Sam

 Well, it's been a minute. I just looked at my last post and it was over a month ago. 
I don't know how the time goes by so quickly.

After finding my little black lemon last month, three new ones showed up - and these are growing! They get a little bigger every day. I'm hopeful!

I have been stitching. I don't to seem to finish things as quickly as I used to but I'm plugging away on Liberty Sam (by Lizzie Kate) I'm stitching in hand, so excuse the wrinkles. I'm going to try to finish him before I start something else. No idea what that something else will be but I'm sure I can find something. LOL

It has been so hot here. We are having August temps (even hot for August!) I think we hit 107 on Saturday. They are saying 100+ for the next few days then a cool front will be coming through and cool us of to 99. It's time to find inside projects. My flowerbeds need to be weeded but they will just have to wait!

That's about it from here. 

I hope you are staying cool where you are. I'm good as long as the a/c keeps working!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

This 'n That


We spent the long weekend moving the middle kidlet into his first home. 
While we were gone, my little green lemon turned black. 

But, I have three (two shown here) tiny new ones - we will see what they do.

My Little Limes have buds all over them. (kinda hard to see since they are green)

And the front hydrangeas are finally turning pink!

Middle kidlet's first home. Quite an upgrade from the one-bedroom apartment he has lived in for the last 13 years! He has a longer commute to work now, 20-25 minutes (his previous commute, 5 minutes)

There is a very nice back yard - or at least it was. You can see, close to the front, where Bella (husky pup) has started digging holes. Gonna have to break her from that habit!

I didn't take many pictures as we were busy most of the time but I'll post a few that I did get of the inside later.