Tuesday, October 15, 2013

and then this happened

Not really sure when it did happen. This is the closet in one of the guest rooms. It store out of season (and too small) clothes along with extra decor items that I haven't used here but I might want to use later. I'm sure we would have heard this if we had been home and I rarely go all the way into that room (unless I have my cutting table set up in there or I'm expecting guests. This time it was after the guests left  (glad it didn't happen while they were here) and I finally decided it was time to wash the sheets. Pulled all this crap out and threw it on the beds. Hubby finally got around to putting the shelf back up and the stuff is off the beds so I can make them. I can't believe nothing broke! I keep my framed, seasonal stuff on that shelf but nothing was broken - just some big ole holes in the wall where the plastic anchors were attached. Hubby used metal ones when he put it back up.

Hoping the week is going well for you.
 If you will excuse me now, I have some beds to make and a vacuum cleaner to use.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

One thing leads to another. . .

You know how one project always leads to another? Well, quite awhile back I got my hands on this baby - she just needed a little loving and some paint!
 Anyway, I painted it all white except the back of the glass area and it is a pale blue
 (I should have looked for those photos too - bad blogger)

 I didn't really want the inside of it so I left it out and I have cookbooks there now
 but this little thing had to be good for something so I saved it, added some trim, a back and painted. (those cubbies are hard to paint!)

Once we finally decided to hang the tv on the wall we just sat cable boxes on the chest (it is calling for some paint too) The pictures kept getting in the way of the remote so I thought we would put a shelf under the tv for the boxes but in the mean time I thought this would do the trick. I think a shelf might make it a bit much I have decided to keep it like this at least for now. One of these days I'll rehang the stuff on the walls - the tv had to shift to the left to hit studs. I also want to get rid of that clock and get one that hangs on a wall somewhere but for now I live with the cord hanging out.  It must not bother me too much since I haven't bothered to get it done yet. LOL
I hope you are having a good week. We have had some nice rain this weekend and the first part of the week. The grass (and weeds) are loving it!
edited to add - if the link works, there is a photo of the painted cabinet in this post.http://www.stitchingintexas.blogspot.com/2011_12_01_archive.html