Friday, January 28, 2011

Another sunny day!

We are having another sunny day!

I had some errands to do and when I got home I saw this lonely little bloom.

Too bad it is going to get back to freezing this weekend and ruin it. (maybe I will remember to throw a sheet over it - maybe not)

The temp was 70 last time I checked so I took myself out and walked around the block. Maybe one of these days I'll work myself up to 2 trips around. (one trip is half a mile) Of course since it is supposed to be cold and rainy again this weekend I won't likely be out walking!

Finished stitching Silent Sampler - need to press then I'll take another pic to show. Now to decide what to stitch on next. Something already started? Kitted but not started? Kit something new? Decisions, decisions!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got wrinkles?

I'm so close to finishing this piece! You will have to just ignore the wrinkles.

I took it off the Q to take the pic, but I didn't iron it first. Hopefully I'll get finished soon and I'll give it a press before I show it again.

We've got sunshine again today!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunshine and Harvey

This is Harvey

Harvey has been a faithful servant for several years. Now, due to circumstances beyond his control, he has been rendered obsolete. Meaning due to 'upgrades' by the cable company he is no longer compatible. :( I am now 'stuck' with a dvr from the cable company and a remote I have no idea how to operate. At least the hubby already had the tv on when I got up this morning. I fear if I turn it off I may never get it back on! I hate upgrading electronics. I'm an old dog - it takes me awhile to learn new tricks. I'm still trying to figure out the iPod thingie and now I have to learn a whole new way to operate the television!

At least we have some of this for a change!

Sunshine! (taken out my office/sewing room window) It is so nice to see the sun again! I hope it stays around awhile but the weather man says we will see rain again on the weekend.

I did get some stitching done over the weekend - I'll try to get a pic of that for the next post. (I didn't finish anything but I did make a little progress!) I'm once again way behind on blog reading and answering email. I'll catch up. Eventually.

Hope you have sunshine where you are!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bathroom evolution

We are finally though with the master bath (well, except a few touch-ups, but for the purpose of this post we're callin' her done!)

This is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in.


I tried to add a little color with a vintage sheet on the window

and a few things hanging on the wall

Cabinets with no hardware. Shameful. (no offense to those of you that like oak cabinets with no hardware - I'm just a painted cabinet with hardware kind of girl) You can see just a tiny bit of the floor in this picture. This is the ONLY floor in the whole house that isn't beige! Yep - walls, ceilings and floors were all beige! Eventually the beige carpet will give way to some wood floors, but first things first. Sorry - got a bit distracted for a minute. :)

We painted the walls in the main part of the bathroom 'patina' and I made a curtain topper. The white curtain is from Target, I just cut it off so it would fit the window (and used the upper part to conceal the laundry hamper in the laundry room) The topper is just basically a square pulled up with ribbon.

Then we had the 'water closet' otherwise known as a tiny room inside the bathroom where the toilet is 'hidden'. (we took the door off here pretty much first thing when we moved in!) This 'room' is 34" wide and not much deeper. The cabinet on the wall is barely deep enough for a roll of toilet paper so it is pretty useless in here. (but will make a decent cabinet in the garage to hold screws and such)

Another bulk lighting fixture.

We took the cabinet down and painted this area 'pebble' which is a lighter green than the main part of the room. Kinda hard to tell the difference in paint colors in these pics but if you look at the next pic, we didn't paint the ceiling so you can see it a little better. (it shows up more IRL)

We replaced the light fixture too.

We took down those useless (and not level) shelves that were on either side of the vanity and put up these white cabinets.

We also changed out the 'Hollywood' light fixture and put in new faucets. (we had already changed the ceiling fixture - you can see a tiny part of the chandelier in the mirror)

Painted the cabinet and added glass knobs. (love glass knobs!) Yesterday I finally finished the frame on the mirror. Quite a change from the first picture to the last! I thought I had some more pictures along the way, but since this post is pretty picture heavy already I won't go looking for them. :)

That pretty much takes care of the downstairs except for the kitchen cabinets (they will probably be last) and the inside of a couple of closets. Next up is the stairway - which will be a major job!

Well, so much for the sunshine. We had some sun yesterday but it is cloudy and gray again today. It is supposed to rain and get colder again this afternoon. Yuck.

Well - if you stayed through to the end of this post - thanks! I'll try to keep it a little shorter next time!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Better late than never

This is another ornament I stitched as a Christmas gift. I didn't mail it until the week after Christmas (I thought we were going to see each other before Christmas but it didn't happen) then I forgot to post the pic after Sherry (no blog) let me know she had it.

Of course I don't remember the details and I'm lazy and don't want to hunt for them. (iffin I was organized I would at least know where to start looking, but that just isn't the case)

A look at the back.

And a close up of the front. I used beads in the center part.

And just in case you are wondering, spell check doesn't know 'iffin'.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Flower power

I was beginning to think we might never see the sun again, but I think it is trying to sneak out! I guess even if it only has a couple of hours before dark, that is better than nothing! I can still see a lot of clouds so I'm not going to get too excited yet.

Okay - so what was I up to on Friday. I thought I might try to spiff up this plain gray sweatshirt. (no before pic - just a plain gray sweatshirt) Sounds easy enough, right? I've done a (tiny) bit of applique but what I've done was mostly straight lines or large curves and it has all been on small pieces of fabric. (dish towels, pillow tops) So anyway, with my bright idea I cut out and ironed the flowers on, then sat down with Bertha to do the stitching around the edges. First, as I said, I haven't had much practice - and second it has been awhile since I have done any at all so we won't be showing close-ups of this project.

Anyway - here is what I did.

I added some rick-rack down the front along with a few flowers.

Then I put some flowers on the back. I made about a dozen yo-yos before I finally got the hang of it. (and will probably have to start from scratch by the next time I do any!) They were starting to get kinda fun though. Anywho - after I got it all ironed on I decided that I had the flowers on the back too low, but I wasn't going to try to change it - I'll just have to try to do better next time. Next time won't be anytime soon!

I did learn a few things that hopefully will make for a better outcome should I ever decide to try this again. Next time I will work on placement with the garment hanging instead of laying flat on the work table. (the hood came way lower on the back when it was laying flat - which is why the flowers on the back are so low). Straighter lines or larger curves would be much easier. Sweatshirt fabric is rather stretchy when trying to sew on it and trying to sew on a sweatshirt - especially when trying to constantly turn it - is kind of like wrestling with an octopus! So, while it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, it is only for me so we will call it good enough for now.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Where is the sun?

Enough with the cloudy days already! Mama needs some sun! It isn't quiet as cold as it was, but it still is far from warm! That wouldn't be so bad if there was just a little sun to go with it. (and if my hair didn't look like I stuck my finger in a light socket! can we say frizz?)

I have stitched a little over the past few days - I've also un-stitched a little over the past few days! Between that and my hands being so dry, I'm not moving very fast on the stitching front but some is better than none!

Bertha and I are working on something

if it doesn't look like total crap when we finish I'll show you a picture next week!

I think we have some work in the bathroom on the schedule for this weekend. Hopefully it won't rain since I have some boards that need painting and I would rather paint with the garage door open. Hubby will be painting the walls this time.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let there be light!

So - I seriously think I need a time management lesson (or three!) I never seem to get through my daily to do list. For instance, I intended to write this post on Monday!

Anyway - on to the lighting. I think the builder looked for the cheapest lighting possible when building this house. We have been working on replacing most of it and we are almost there! (the previous owner didn't change anything - nada, didn't even so much as hang a curtain!) This house has an open floor plan so the kitchen looks into the breakfast area and then into the living room. The kitchen has 4 can lights (hate, hate can lights - still haven't quite figured out what to do about the ones in the kitchen yet) and the breakfast area had one dinky little can light - way on up there. (the kitchen/bay window ceiling is 9' and as you can see, this goes on up from there)

The hubby got a little ahead of me and had already taken the bulb out before I could get my 'before' picture so just imagine a bulb in that little black hole.

Out came the useless can light

And in went a chandelier!

So much better!

And look - it actually throws light on the table! I would have liked to had some cute (maybe even vintage) fixture here, but the whole reason for the replacement was the lack of light and some of those really cute/vintage fixtures are just that - cute. I tried to pick something with bulbs that were directed down for maximum light. (I took this picture on Monday when it was cloudy - sorry about the off color)

Now, how long do you think a project like this should take. Couple of hours maybe? Try more like seven! The converter kit for the can light said 'takes minutes, not hours'. Ha! They don't say how many minutes! LOL. Part of that time went to two trips for spray paint. The converter kit had an adapter plate in it to cover the hole but it was white. The ceiling is builder beige and the fixture is brushed nickel so that was going to stick out like a sore thumb. Off we went to Wal-mart (closest place) to get some spray paint (the closest thing I had in the garage was chrome) They had a satin nickel so we got that. Two coats (dries in 10 minutes!) later I brought it in only to find it was too 'gold'. Back out again, this time to Lowe's where we found brushed nickel - only the dry time is one hour! (we used that time to have a bowl of soup for dinner) Of course by then it was dark so we had to use the lights from the kitchen and living room along with my stitching lamp and a flashlight. At least it is done now!

Whatcha think? Better?

We have sun today, but it is cold. (for Houston anyway!)

Hope you are having a productive week! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good mail!

Look what was in my mailbox yesterday!

Aren't they 'yummy'? Terry (from Arlington - no blog) sent them to me! They were wrapped and tied with that ribbon - too cute! I can't believe she sent them to me 'just because'. They are going to be so cute on my 'sweets' tree I'm hoping to have on my breakfast bar next Christmas. I'm off to a pretty good start with it - I will have to wait and see what size tree I will need, depending on how many 'sweet' ornaments I can round up by then.

Thanks again, Terry - you are the best!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh so slow

I seem to be moving oh so slowly this week. Of course my 'to be done' list is always way longer than the 'possible to get done in one day' reality. As usual, I made a good start yesterday but have lacked motivation to get much done today. I tend to get stuck now and then - like today. Oh well - I suppose it isn't going anywhere. I wish I was one of those people who can look at a space and see how to organize it. I spent a LOT of time organizing and re-organizing. Like I said, it ain't going anywhere!

I thought I would show you pictures of a couple of ornaments I did for Christmas gifts.

They are both the same so I turned one over to show that backing fabric.

I have one more ornament I stitched for a gift but it hasn't been delivered yet - hopefully I can show it next week. That is the extent of the handmade gifts I managed to turn out this year. I had really hoped for more.

Hope you are having a productive week! (someone needs to)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting back into the groove

Or at least thinking about it!

All the Christmas decor has been taken down and put away. Now comes the task of cleaning and putting the 'regular' things back where they go. Or in my case, trying to remember what went where and where I stashed it while the holiday decor was out. Since most of my stuff is still on a quest to find a permanent home (I move things. a lot.) who knows what will end up where - but I guess that is what makes it fun!

I had all these big ideas for handmade Christmas gifts but most of them didn't pan out. I did sew up this quilt for my mother.

Never mind that I actually bought the fabric to make it two years ago.

Yes, it was planned as a Christmas gift two years ago and I finally got it made this year! Maybe there is hope for all those other projects I've had planned - someday.

Hope you had a safe New Year's weekend.