Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good mail!

Look what was in my mailbox yesterday!

Aren't they 'yummy'? Terry (from Arlington - no blog) sent them to me! They were wrapped and tied with that ribbon - too cute! I can't believe she sent them to me 'just because'. They are going to be so cute on my 'sweets' tree I'm hoping to have on my breakfast bar next Christmas. I'm off to a pretty good start with it - I will have to wait and see what size tree I will need, depending on how many 'sweet' ornaments I can round up by then.

Thanks again, Terry - you are the best!

1 comment:

Jan said...

Those are precious, Tina!! And I love your ornament finishes from the previous post, that I missed reading before! I can't wait to see your 'sweets' tree, when you get it put up!