Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Better late than never

This is another ornament I stitched as a Christmas gift. I didn't mail it until the week after Christmas (I thought we were going to see each other before Christmas but it didn't happen) then I forgot to post the pic after Sherry (no blog) let me know she had it.

Of course I don't remember the details and I'm lazy and don't want to hunt for them. (iffin I was organized I would at least know where to start looking, but that just isn't the case)

A look at the back.

And a close up of the front. I used beads in the center part.

And just in case you are wondering, spell check doesn't know 'iffin'.


Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely ornament you created, Tina! I really like your beaded center! It is Poinsettia by Britty Kitty!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful! Terry

Linda said...

Tina, what a pretty ornament and beautiful finishing...love the fabric you used for the back...hugs, Linda

Lainey said...

Your friend must be delighted Tina it;s beautiful!