Monday, July 30, 2007

Yes, he really did!

Shave his head, that is! Someone asked if baby boy really shaved his head - well, yes he did! I wanted to get a pic of all 4 kids while they were in this weekend, but I'm not sure they were ever all 4 in the same room together. Anyway - I snapped this one (yes, I know he looks like he as an odd growth on the side of his head, it is a magnet on the fridge behind him - it is the best one I got)He has about a months worth of growth at this point.
They brought the dogs with them - hubby took this pic, the smaller dog is Nicholas (the 'grand-dog'), the other is Autumn (our dog)I'm not sure where Squeaky was at the time this was snapped, but I'll get her when they come back in a couple of weeks. We will be dog-sitting for 2 weeks while the kids house-sit.
I did get a little stitching in, unfortunately I got a lot of frogging in too. I seem to have had a problem counting and/or following the graph this weekend! I'm working on the Second Sunday Sampler - I hope to finish it soon, but at the rate I'm frogging, I may have to add yet another date to it! (already has 2005 & 2007)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just for pretty

These pillowcases were made by my great-grandmother. They have been put away for awhile and I was just sick when I pulled them out a couple of weeks ago to put on the bed - they had yellow/brown spots all over them. I soaked them in Oxy-clean for a few days and they look much better! We actually sleep on the ones I embroidered but these are 'just for pretty'.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's talk scissors!

So, I have a thing for (embroidery) scissors. I can't explain it, I just like them. This is some of my collection - after I snapped the pic I immediately thought of two pair that aren't there, but you get the idea. (there are probably some also in kitted projects that, well, I'm not sure where they are! LOL

The close-up is of a fob that says a lot about me - I love scissors! I love chocolate! I love cross-stitch! and I can't see to stitch anymore without an extra pair of eyes!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I finally got the new pillowcases on the bed! I really enjoyed stitching these, but my fingers are happy to be back to using a tapestry needle instead of a sharp. I can see myself doing more in the future though - I'm thinking of maybe doing some for Christmas gifts this year.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

plate collage

I've had plates on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom for a long time, but when I saw the plate collage on Tina's blog, I knew I had to have one for myself! Here is my version.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Again no stitching pictures today - I did stitch, but not enough progress to warrant a picture. This little wagon was made by my hubby's father. The coke crate came from the grocery store they used to own.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Pecan pie and iced tea. Yumm.

The pillowcases are finished - just need a bath and a pressing then they will be ready for the bed and a picture!

Now, what to stitch tonight? My fingers say something with a blunt needle!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

weekend 'fun'

No post yesterday and no stitching yesterday. The newlyweds moved (again) so we spent the day in Nac. Hopefully they will stay put this time at least until they finish school. I should have taken the camera to get a more recent picture of Jason & Ashley, but I forgot so I'll just post a picture from 'the day' and try to get a new one next weekend when they come in. (he got bored at 3am a couple of weeks ago and shaved his head)

For a blog about stitching, there hasn't been too much stitching content yet. Some weeks are just like that. (I did try several other title options without 'stitching' before I came up with something that was available)

Oh well!

Friday, July 20, 2007

waiting. . .

This was in my stitching chair when I got up this morning. It's still there.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Needleroll and stitch night

Back in March I went to a stitching 'get-a-way' in Nacadoches. It was Friday evening through Sunday morning. One of the projects we got for the weekend was this needleroll kit. 'I' did not finish mine that weekend - but I did finally finish it up a couple of weeks ago. The lady sitting next to me at the retreat had completed all the stitching on hers by noonish Saturday! Speed stitcher! There is a scissor fob and a pillow to match. I've started the scissor fob, but it will be a bit before I start the pillow.

I have 2 stitching friends who I stitch with every week. Wednesday is usually our stitch night, but we will change according to schedules. This week we had to move it to tonight. It means even if life totally gets in the way the rest of the week, we know we will get a couple of hours stitching time in at least one night. We rotate dinner duty - last week was my turn to cook, so I'm off this week. I have no idea what we will have tonight, but I'm pretty sure we are having peach cobbler for dessert. We always know what we are having for dessert way before we know what the meal will be!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Stash!

Don't you just love getting new stash? Of course the best thing is an actual trip to the LNS, but if you don't have that option, waiting for the mailman will do! Do you see the cute little individually wrapped Jelly Bellys?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Queen of Cross Stitch!

See, it says so right on my van! Had thought I would have a pic of some new stash to share today, but I'm still waiting. I got this decal in my last stash shopping 'trip' (internet order) so I thought I would share it today.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Little planter

This little planter came from my grandmother's house. There was a pair but one was broken. My aunt found the broken piece buried in the flower bed so I brought them home and glued it back together. I have them on either side of my front door and change the plants with the seasons - or when the plants die - whichever comes first! LOL The plants around here are so confused - this is usually our dry season but all of my drought tolerant annuals drowned in a matter of weeks!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

To post or not to post

I can't decide! I had thought to set this up and see how much I could figure out before I started posting but since I have a long way to go, I thought I would go ahead and jump in with my first post! I'm sure I'll have to drag a kidlet in to coach me through some of this (like how to make that photo in the header smaller!) I've tried several times but it's kind of like looking in the fridge for something to eat 10 minutes after you looked before - nothing new appears in those 10 minutes! LOL

So, since this blog is labeled as a stitching blog, I thought I would show you what I am currently stitching on. I'm really not sure why I had the urge to embroider pillowcases a couple of weeks ago - I haven't done stamped embroidery in over 20 years, but anyway - that is what I am stitching on at the moment - stamped pillowcases! One down, one to go!