Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just for pretty

These pillowcases were made by my great-grandmother. They have been put away for awhile and I was just sick when I pulled them out a couple of weeks ago to put on the bed - they had yellow/brown spots all over them. I soaked them in Oxy-clean for a few days and they look much better! We actually sleep on the ones I embroidered but these are 'just for pretty'.


Anonymous said...

They're beautiful Tina. What a treasure you have. I love fancy pillowcases. I found some beautifully embroidered "His" and "Hers" ones a few years ago at an antique/shabby chic store. I don't think they were antique, but the fabric was so wonderful! I think I still have one of them...will have to dig them out!

Anonymous said...

Those are such pretty pillowcases, I can't see any stains so you did good at getting them out.
I like the vintage pillowcases the best. : ) Bren

oliveoyl64 said...

I found your blog through Brenda's. I am a fellow Texan from around the Austin area.

I do counted cross stitch, but usually dig that out in the winter when I am shut in. It's no wonder then why it can take me 5 yrs. to complete a project.

Look forward to more of your blogging. Don't be intimidated, it just takes practice. Heck, you even have a cute header and mine is still plain vanilla.

Anonymous said...

Tina~ I have a pillowcase I bought at Canton that looks just like that! I bought it last month..I'll post a picture later. Iove your bed and bedding! And your son is cute as a bug! The little doggies are so CUTE!

TinaTx said...

Thanks Tina! I can't wait to see your pillowcase. As I said, my great-grandmother made those. I have another one that she made and my grandmother made it into a doll (my mother has the doll 'mate') - I'll post a picture of that one someday too. Thanks for the compliment on my baby boy - I have more pictures of him than the other two because the other two take after their mother and duck when they see the camera out!