Thursday, July 19, 2007

Needleroll and stitch night

Back in March I went to a stitching 'get-a-way' in Nacadoches. It was Friday evening through Sunday morning. One of the projects we got for the weekend was this needleroll kit. 'I' did not finish mine that weekend - but I did finally finish it up a couple of weeks ago. The lady sitting next to me at the retreat had completed all the stitching on hers by noonish Saturday! Speed stitcher! There is a scissor fob and a pillow to match. I've started the scissor fob, but it will be a bit before I start the pillow.

I have 2 stitching friends who I stitch with every week. Wednesday is usually our stitch night, but we will change according to schedules. This week we had to move it to tonight. It means even if life totally gets in the way the rest of the week, we know we will get a couple of hours stitching time in at least one night. We rotate dinner duty - last week was my turn to cook, so I'm off this week. I have no idea what we will have tonight, but I'm pretty sure we are having peach cobbler for dessert. We always know what we are having for dessert way before we know what the meal will be!

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