Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you ready?

For trick-or-treaters?

At our old house we never had many trick-or-treaters and the ones we did have usually drove themselves. (Our house was on a fairly busy street and the houses were not close together so it wasn't a great place for kiddies to walk.)

Last year it was a different story - we live in an actual neighborhood now.

We ran out of the candy I bought for the treaters and I had to empty what little candy we had in candy bowls around the house. We scraped by. I hope I have enough this year!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Because she asked

Terry wanted to see where I had my Eek! pillow displayed so here it is.

I really didn't have a place for it so I just stuck it in this little glass bowl that sits on a table at the top of the stairs.

I don't have any other Halloween decor upstairs except for that witch pic sitting on the same table.

Again, because I was too lazy to move stuff around and find another spot for it.

The b/w pics are hubby at 6 months. (cute, huh?) I pulled them out of a box and was going to do something with them - they landed here and here they still are. Do you see a theme going on this table? I think it is called 'lazy'.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This was what I took to stitch on the road. I finally finished it shortly after we got back and I got it sewed into a pillow last week.

Eek! by Lizzie Kate. I stitched it on the fabric that came with the kit and used DMC floss

I got it finished and went looking for black ribbon for the center but I didn't have any so I used this piece of purple I had. What do you think? Should I change it for black, a black that isn't so wide?

Not happy with those corners. If it wasn't such a bugger to turn, I would have gone back and rounded them a little but since it is a seasonal thing, I just left it as is.

We are supposed to have more seasonal temps tomorrow! Yeah!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The end

This is the last trip post! If you go back here you can see what we looked like when we started out.

Just keep cramming it in - surely we can make it all fit

Remember, we had already off-loaded a smaller cooler and a stroller that we had in here when we left Texas.

OOPS! No way this was going to make it in there. I think we spent about an hour trying to get everything in (where is Timothy when you need him?) Sandra had packed her bags where she wouldn't need anything out of this one before getting home, so this bag and what was left of that case of water came back to Texas in the other car.

We stopped at a couple of quilt shops on the way home - this was the only one I took a picture of. It is Old Trinity Schoolhouse Quilt Shop in Troutville, VA.

This was the view from the parking lot.
I looked this up to make sure I had the right shop name with the picture, and I'm sad to say this store is closing. They didn't mention a word about closing when we were there just a few weeks ago.

We saw several of these old barns with quilts painted on them

We actually turned around and went back the other way so we could get a picture of this one - we would see them but not be able to get pictures so Sandra just turned our buggy around this time! There are several quilt trails in the northeast.

Now for the loot!

3 blue Ball jars and two pink Fiesta cups

I saw this hanging in the antique store (it isn't old, but I think it must be a local artist - I would tell you his name but that would mean going downstairs) Anyway - since I live in a yellow two-story with a red door, I just had to have it. The title is 'White Picket Fence'. If only I could have one.

Several plates - most likely destined for a flower bed.

These baskets were made by local people - they are signed and dated on the bottom.

found this little 'bowl' at the shop that had the museum upstairs - it is supposed to me a mini casserole cozy I think, but I thought it would be perfect by my stitching chair

ummm - it is much fuller than this now!

And here is my fabric stash! Some patterns, lots of fat quarters - they are addicting! I did get all the fabric for one quilt - that will be my PA quilt.

I found an old (ugly!) frame in the closet that just happened to be the right size for this so I painted it up and have this hanging in the entry. (I forgot to take a before pic of the frame - just take my word for it when I say it looks much better!)

Okay - that's all folks. When we first started talking about the trip it seemed so far away and now it nearly a month in the past.

Hope you weren't too bored with all the trip pictures!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day three

Yes, I still have trip pictures!

On Thursday (our last day there) we went back to Lancaster to another quilt museum. It is in a wonderful old building - I looked for a book with the history of the museum/building but didn't find one.

Anyway -

Look at that ceiling!

Closer look at the light fixture

beautiful windows

This was from the inside

and this is the same window from the outside. It looks like they have added a new front to the building.

Inside there were many quilts on display

In the vault

There were several samplers

then on to another room with more quilts

Here is a close up of the red one - can you see the date? 1889!

The work that went into each and every one is just amazing. I have lots more pictures of both the quilts and the building, but I don't want to bore you!

So - like I said, we hadn't seen all we wanted to the day before so we headed back to Bird in Hand/Intercourse (I never really knew where I was - I was just enjoying myself!)

I guess you can tell the tourist pretty quick

They are the ones standing on the sidewalks waiting for the buggies to get close enough for a picture. I'm sure the people who live there are used to them.

Children walking home from school. The little boy waved but I missed it. (took this one from the car window as we were moving!)

More buggies

Then we ate dinner here. Served 'family style'.

We had a wonderful time.
Next time we will load up, head home and look at the goodies I brought back!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day two

After we spent day one in Hershey, we set out to spend day two in Lancaster/Bird in Hand/Intercourse.

This was one of those - stop! moments.

Isn't it all fallish?

Loads of white pumpkins - we didn't bring any pumpkins back with us. We did go in all those tents back behind the pumpkins and look around - there was LOTS OF STUFF back there!

Don't you just love quilts hanging out on the line? This was a little quilt shop (Terry - this is where the hot pad and little note card came from) There was the nicest girl working in there.

This is the driveway of that little shop. Beautiful flowers!

On down the road a ways, we stopped at a little group of shops - again I was distracted by what was behind them.

We went to a little bakery - smelled wonderful! We picked up some bread, cookies, etc. - it was all fresh but it wouldn't keep long enough to get it back to Texas. :( Sarah and Anita were waiting on me and Sandra to finish up our purchases. They did have some jams/jellies so I picked up a few jars of that to bring home.

We stopped along the side of the road (along with many other cars) to watch this couple at work.

They had the first trailer full and were changing out to an empty one.

and then back to work.

There was another shop that had a museum upstairs.

I love the look of crazy quilts

They have so much work in them

but they are always in dark/jewel tones which are so not my colors. Someday I may make one in light/pastel colors.

Loved this whole cloth quilt

Look at how tiny those stitches are. I'm still trying to figure out to get mine even twice that size. My fingers don't work right!

We didn't see nearly all we wanted to that day - those places close at 5:00 and we ran out of time so we went back the next day! This is probably enough pictures for one day - I'll post more next time!