Monday, October 18, 2010


How much stuff does it take for 4 women to be on the road for 9 days?

We were in such a hurry to get on the road that first day, we forgot to take a picture so this is the second morning before we left the hotel. We had stopped at a couple of quilt shops already, but for the most part, this is how it looked when we left Texas. As you can see - we didn't exactly leave with a lot of room to spare. (I will tell you that the stroller and the small cooler you see were turned over to the other car as soon as we met up with them. :)

I wish I could remember exactly where these shops were without having to dig out my book (quilter's travel companion) I didn't get pictures of all the shops we stopped at - I also didn't get business cards at all of them. (I've never claimed to be organized!) I'm not really even sure how many shops we went in!

I think all of us made a purchase at this shop. It was a really neat shop - packed to the gills with stuff so you really had to look! It was in a really neat old building - at times a little claustrophobic but still a neat shop.

Somewhere on the road between here and there. :) We didn't do a lot of stopping just for pictures so on occasion, I just took pics out the window.

This was a neat shop too - we had to drive around a bit to find it but it was worth a stop. It is in an old train station.

This is the view across the street from Rachel's - don't you love the old buildings?
I'm pretty sure both of these shops were in Virginia.

I did take a little cross stitch to work on while on the road - in some states it was impossible to stitch - roads were just too bumpy! I did finish that little piece just after we got back and I've stitched two ornaments since then - I'll try to get to pictures of those soon - I've still got more 'on the road' pictures to show!

How many states did we go through on the way up?


Deb said...

You are going to have to show stash pictures from your days on the road. 9 stash could equal a lot of stash!

Karen said...

I cannot believe how packed that car was. I can't believe you got anything else in there during your trip. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

FUN! Terry

Anonymous said...

Wow~!!!!! I had a hard day at work, and I just checked the mail. I was the lucky winner of Tina's giveaway!!!!!! I am shocked and excited! It was : adorable Hershey playing cards! and....2 fat quarters of button/stitching favorite in the world which I happen to collect! Also, a scented Patriotic hot pad from PA, an adorable fabric Amish boy card, and to top it off, a pink set..with scissors, needle threaders, and thread bobbins all in pink! Thank you Tina! What a wonderful surprise! Love, Terry