Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day two

After we spent day one in Hershey, we set out to spend day two in Lancaster/Bird in Hand/Intercourse.

This was one of those - stop! moments.

Isn't it all fallish?

Loads of white pumpkins - we didn't bring any pumpkins back with us. We did go in all those tents back behind the pumpkins and look around - there was LOTS OF STUFF back there!

Don't you just love quilts hanging out on the line? This was a little quilt shop (Terry - this is where the hot pad and little note card came from) There was the nicest girl working in there.

This is the driveway of that little shop. Beautiful flowers!

On down the road a ways, we stopped at a little group of shops - again I was distracted by what was behind them.

We went to a little bakery - smelled wonderful! We picked up some bread, cookies, etc. - it was all fresh but it wouldn't keep long enough to get it back to Texas. :( Sarah and Anita were waiting on me and Sandra to finish up our purchases. They did have some jams/jellies so I picked up a few jars of that to bring home.

We stopped along the side of the road (along with many other cars) to watch this couple at work.

They had the first trailer full and were changing out to an empty one.

and then back to work.

There was another shop that had a museum upstairs.

I love the look of crazy quilts

They have so much work in them

but they are always in dark/jewel tones which are so not my colors. Someday I may make one in light/pastel colors.

Loved this whole cloth quilt

Look at how tiny those stitches are. I'm still trying to figure out to get mine even twice that size. My fingers don't work right!

We didn't see nearly all we wanted to that day - those places close at 5:00 and we ran out of time so we went back the next day! This is probably enough pictures for one day - I'll post more next time!

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Anonymous said...

If I use the hot pad, I will cover it with a towel. I do not want to mess up the pretty hand quilting! I love your photos! Terry