Friday, September 25, 2020

The Craft Closet

 A few weeks ago I decided it was time to clean out the craft closet.

First up - pull everything out

It's not that big of a closet! 
I needed to condense and combine. 
I also had three tubs in the guest closet that needed to go in here.

Here we go. The three totes in the middle are from the guest closet.
The bottom two have batting and stuffing in them.
The top one is part of my kitted projects. I think there are 29 project bags in there and some of them contain more than one project.

Doesn't everyone have a picture of Jon Bon Jovi in their closet? You couldn't see him before I started this project!
The totes in the back - the one on the bottom is scraps (quilting) everything else is empty. 
I bought one of the craft carts from Michael's but I haven't filled it yet.

On the other side, there are built in shelves. 
They are poorly designed. The wall comes to a point on the end because the door to the room is on an angle. There isn't a lot of room between the shelves and the wall so getting things in and out isn't easy. I put stuff I know I wouldn't use often in the back and tried to keep the stuff I might need more often close to the door (I put the wire shelves on the inside of the doors when we first moved in - great way to get extra space!)
I wouldn't exactly call it organized but I do at least know where to start looking.
I have a pile of boxes full of stuff to donate out in the garage. Need to get them out of here before I start pulling stuff back out!

And here is the guest closet after I moved the craft stuff out.
I keep some of my seasonal stuff in there (I took these pics before I put my pumpkins out) I also keep my gift wrap stuff in there. Still a little to work on but it's better. 

You could not even see the floor in there when I started! 
I hope to do a little more organizing as I use my seasonal stuff this year. If I haven't used it in a couple of years, it's gotta go!

I'll show the rest of the sewing/craft room later.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2020

September Birthdays and Finished Stitches

 How's the weather where you are? We finally have some temps that feel somewhat like fall!

 We have a few September birthdays to celebrate.

First up - hubby's was on the 15th

Brittany's is today and Brian's is the 30th

Happy birthday to some of my favorite people!

I have a few things I not only finished stitching but I fully finished them!

This is the small from the Chalk Full Harvest by Hands on Design and Priscilla. I added buttons that I had in my stash and then used the magnet/washer trick to mount it onto a Hobby Lobby frame. I already had the magnet glued to the back of the stitching (this was my third attempt - I didn't like the first two) because I was going to stick it on something metal so I just hot glued enough washers to the glass on the frame to get it to meet the magnet. I may find something else later to stick it to then I can just remove the washers and still use the frame.

The larger design in the same chart pack is mounted on a padded board (the small is padded as well) then I put a gold fabric covered board with a sunflower covered board at the back. I may or may not go back and add a bow at the top. This is again held on with magnet since there are others in this series that I want to stitch. 

This one is an older piece. I actually stitched it in 2009 and just got it fully finished. It is by Twisted Threads and I think the coat or whatever it is she is wearing was purple and I changed it to blue. I did colonial knots instead of French knots and the needle I used was completely bent by the time I finished! 
I knew I didn't want it just in a frame but it took me this long to figure out what to do with it. 
Priscilla has taught us to all think outside the box with finishing!
I bought a 'box' from Michael's - this was in the summer clearance section - this actually the back side, there is a star on the other side. Anywhoo - I sprayed it with some white chalk paint and added a drawer pull. I was going to have hubby build me a drawer but this was 70% or 80% off so it was only a couple of dollars and worked perfect. I again mounted it on a padded board and put money fabric (which I've had since I finished the stitching part!) behind it. It's in there snug but not actually attached. (though I don't see myself using this for anything else at the moment. I have it sitting on the bookcase next to my computer where I pay bills. 

I do have another finish but I'll save it for later. I haven't fully finished it yet and it's a summer piece so I've got some time to figure that one out.

Guess that's it for now.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Time Flies!

 Wow - didn't know it had been so long since I posted! 

I was going to show you my galvanized tray before swapping it out for fall and realized I had missed a few other photos too so here ya go!

My summer galvanized tray.

Finally got my cushion for the swing. Worth waiting for - I love it!

Got my French Alphabet Sampler framed and hung over the fireplace. I'm still debating moving the crochet above it. (have to get out the tall ladder)

I finished Knee High (Hands on Design) a couple of months ago but I haven't decided what to do with it yet. It's on 36ct Light Coffee (Vicki Clayton) with one strand over two threads except for the quilt where I used 2 strands over two. I love the look but hated stitching with 2 on 36 count! I used all the called for colors.

Are you as tired of all this craziness as I am? We finally took a little day trip yesterday and had lunch with the oldest and his bride. The first time we had seen any of our kids since Christmas! (in person - thank goodness for modern technology!) It was nice to pretend the world was normal for a few hours.

Plan to start with the fall decorating this week. I'll try to not be so long between posts this time!

Hope you are having a nice holiday weekend!