Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Little Behind

Since I missed showing my Easter decor, I thought I would share a just a couple of photos. My rooster dolled up for Easter.

My April, Lizzie Kate, monthly

and June

I did get May stitched but I didn't get the buttons on and now I've misplaced them. I have a few bee treasures (Mill Hill) that I can use if I don't find the buttons (or some I can use, before 2020). Not gonna worry about it until then. I have July stitched - just need to get it mounted sometime this week. Since I started with August, this finishes up that series! 

There are no stitchy stores in NYC (that I know of) but I picked up this little pin at the Empire State Building and made it into a needle minder. Another Lizzie Kate monthly - last one in that series! (except the bonus chart) Took it to NY with me but didn't get many stitches in.

I did get a couple of souvenirs 
A charm for my Pandora bracelet

And a teenie tiny shopping bag from Tiffany's!

I have another finish (need to get it framed) and some happy mail to share next time.

It's hot and humid here in Texas. It feels like walking into an oven when you walk outside but I've been trying to get a little weeding done in the mornings - need to get it done and put out some new mulch. I'm a little behind but it will get done.

Hope you are staying nice and cool wherever you are!

I hope this is not all wonky-jawed when I hit publish - it is when I preview it but it looks fine in my compose screen so I don't know how to fix it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

NYC - Our last day

Last batch of photos from NYC
Another cold, rainy day.

We took the subway to Jason's

Had breakfast at a neighborhood diner

Took the subway again, then more walking 
(total NYC step count - 127,800)

Chelsea Market - did a little shopping

The High Line

A little hidden gem in the city

Would have liked to walk more of it but the weather wasn't exactly cooperating

So we ducked in and out of stores while walking

So many interesting buildings

Through another park

Madison Square Park

After a little break to dry out we walked from our hotel to a BBQ place

For our last meal with baby boy. 
You can get good BBQ in NYC!

After dinner, we met up with Austin and spent a couple of hours chatting. We actually closed down the bar!

One last photo.

We saw a lot but there was so much more to see! Jimmy is already wanting to plan the next trip! Thanks to Austin for stepping in as tour guide when Jason was working.

If you are still reading after all the NYC photos, thanks for sticking around while I documented our trip. 

This blog will now get back to stitching!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day

I still have one cold, rainy day in NYC to share but thought I would slip in a post to say Happy Father's Day to my dad, my kiddo's dad and my brother.
Three very special men who would do anything for their family.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by some very special men.

 Happy Father's Day

Love you all more than I can ever say!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

NYC, Day Five

Mother's Day.
First one without my mother.

But I got to spend it with my baby boy. 
He treated us to brunch at a little place in his neighborhood.

Then we went to The Museum of the Moving Image.
(just as a side note - it was windy, rained and was in the 40s all day)

Life mask and dental plumper - Marlon Brando in The Godfather (1972)

  Is your first lunch box in there? Mine's not. I've never seen mine anywhere and I always look when I see a collection. 

 They had a special exhibit dedicated to Jim Henson

This is only a small portion of the Muppets that were on display.

After the museum we walked around the neighborhood and looked in some of the little shops before going back to our hotel to dry out.

Then we went to watch Game of Thrones with friends of Jason. 
I personally have never seen an episode and spent the time playing on my phone but I could hear them over my earbuds - they were into it!

That's then end of day five. 
Only one more day to go.

Monday, June 10, 2019

NYC - Day Four

Day four we were on our own and had two destinations to make before meeting back up with Jason so we hit the subway.

Destination number one!

Cool wooden escalators.

After Macy's we walked to destination number two.

This guy jumped and yelled just as I walked by - scared the crap out of me.

Lots of cool buildings. They were taking wedding photos outside this beautiful church.

This building just happened to be next door to destination number two. 

Destination number two! Spent quite a bit of time here just looking - I did come out with a small box. 

More walking

and more cool buildings.

I've always been fascinated by this building when I see it on tv or in the movies.

And that's where we met back up with baby boy.

Then we met up with a friend of Jason's for dinner - I don't remember the restaurant but they had this cool light fixture.

After dinner, we went to a play at the Hudson Theatre.

That made for a full day. 

Back to the subway and back to our hotel.