Tuesday, June 18, 2019

NYC - Our last day

Last batch of photos from NYC
Another cold, rainy day.

We took the subway to Jason's

Had breakfast at a neighborhood diner

Took the subway again, then more walking 
(total NYC step count - 127,800)

Chelsea Market - did a little shopping

The High Line

A little hidden gem in the city

Would have liked to walk more of it but the weather wasn't exactly cooperating

So we ducked in and out of stores while walking

So many interesting buildings

Through another park

Madison Square Park

After a little break to dry out we walked from our hotel to a BBQ place

For our last meal with baby boy. 
You can get good BBQ in NYC!

After dinner, we met up with Austin and spent a couple of hours chatting. We actually closed down the bar!

One last photo.

We saw a lot but there was so much more to see! Jimmy is already wanting to plan the next trip! Thanks to Austin for stepping in as tour guide when Jason was working.

If you are still reading after all the NYC photos, thanks for sticking around while I documented our trip. 

This blog will now get back to stitching!


Terry said...

Sounds great!

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed your photos around NYC, Tina. You saw and shared incredible things. It still astounds me all the parks that are found in the city.