Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Looking Back

Since I have nothing new to show, I thought I would show you a picture of our first house. I happened to be in Jacksonville one day and drove by and snapped this with my phone. (I still haven't found the cable for my camera) It did not have the metal roof when we lived there and it didn't look like it was about to fall down. It is a rather sad looking house now. I need to find a picture of it when we lived there.
 I went by our other house  (#2) one day recently too but I didn't take a picture. It looks rather sad now too. The flower beds are all over gown and the front porch railing is falling off. If you have been around here much, you have seen photos of that house since it is where we were living when I started this blog. 
Hard to believe that little house (#1) is smaller than this apartment. I don't remember it feeling that small - of course I've accumulated more than a little junk in the past 36 years. House #2 had a huge attic and I had it full. We didn't have as much attic space in the last house (#3) but we had extra rooms so I didn't really have to get rid of much. If I had any sense I would have had a garage sale before we moved this time but I don't, and I didn't. I didn't know what kind of house we would end up in so I just packed everything up. House #4 has no real usable attic space and we won't have as many rooms this time so I am going to have to get rid of stuff. I definitely have too much furniture!

Well, this is proving to be a very boring post. I really just thought I would stick my head in and say hello. I'm still around. Things are moving along - slowly, but they are moving forward and we should be moved into house #4 by the end of this month.