Monday, December 30, 2013

Is it too late (picture heavy post)

to show Christmas photos? I hope not, because I'm just now getting around to it. It is all still up but will probably start coming down tomorrow.

 Master bedroom

 I put these little silver initials on the shelf over our bed - I kinda like them and am thinking about leaving them there.

 Little tree on the dresser in our bedroom.

 Same tree as last year (in fact I don't think I bought anything new this year - I did make a few ornaments I may show later) Not sure about this tree though - I took this picture before a strand of lights went out - I'm either going to have to re-do all the lights or get a new tree. I hate doing lights.

 Stitched these a couple of years ago, but not sure if I ever showed them.

 In the breakfast area

 I love these little glass snowmen

 and my little sweet tree.

 also in the breakfast area (just to the right of last photos)

 if you look above the little table you see three stockings - my great-grandmother made them and I use them somewhere every year.

 My kitchen cart - it is really hard to get a picture in here because of the glass on the picture.

 Dining room 

 twin guest room

 other bed in twin room

 other guest room - also hard to photograph - if I close the blinds it is too dark.

 a little tree on top of a cabinet in my office/sewing room 

 Stockings hung in the entry - we don't have a fireplace.

 What you see when you open the front door - on the other side of that cabinet is where the stockings are hung.
 Dining room again - these two windows are the only ones that face the front of the house downstairs.

Last but not least - the fireman tree is at the top of the stairs. The game room is just to the right and the bedrooms and my room are down that short little hall.

I hope this isn't post-Christmas overload but I had all the pictures on the computer and just haven't had time to decide which ones to post. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013

On our street

Walked to the mailbox the other night with the hubby and took the camera

this is the view down the street starting with the house right next to ours

and this is us. The trees have grown a lot since we have been here it makes it kinda hard to see that side of the house.

Mr. Santa used to have a chair to stand in to he was taller, but it got nixed by the HOA so we just made him a cozy spot in front of the flower bed.

Well, that's it for today. I don't know where the times goes. I thought I might have time to get some of the inside pictures up but there is always tomorrow.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The big red dot and the little pink flower

I feel like a hamster on a wheel - I keep running and I never get anywhere! 
Last time Timothy was here he brought a little something with him. Why? Because he could and he does stuff like that. We had one of those every garage has one push button garage openers and Timothy thought he could do better.

So he brought this with him and swapped it out. Sometimes you just have to let him have the ball and run with it! I have to admit it is easier to hit than the little button that was there before!

I've been watching this one little bloom on my hydrangea. I took this picture on 12/4

We have had a couple of frosts and each time I think it is going to bite the dust but it is still hanging on on 12/16

Then we had a bigger frost and I knew it was done for but I walked out and took this picture yesterday. I thought about cutting it and bringing inside but the temps are back up (I sent shopping in flip flops this morning!) so I'm going to leave it there and see what happens.

I've decked the halls and I've taken pictures but I haven't had time to do anything with them yet - maybe I'll get them this weekend. I've still got a couple of projects (gifts) to finish up so I need to work on that first..

I'll be back before Christmas - even if it is without pictures!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My grown-up Christmas list

Seems like every time I take an extended absence they (blogger) changes stuff around to where I have to spend forever figuring out how to get a post up. 

 I am always thinking of you and quite often think I will get a post up but then the days is over and I didn't get to it. No promises, but I will try to do better.

I do want to share my grown-up Christmas wish with you - I got it a little early and it was even better than I dreamed it could be. Back before Thanksgiving my dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas - my answer was a hug from my baby boy. That's it. The next week baby boy's bride called to tell us she was arranging a last minute surprise for his birthday - she made arrangements for him to come home to Texas for 5 days. 

We only had a few days notice but hubby took off work so we could spend time with him.

  • Since we had such short notice I didn't dare think I could get them all three together at the same time, I figured if I could get two I would be doing good but I called the two Texas boys to see if they could possibly make it down, even for a day.

And look! (so that you don't think I was slighting the other two with my wish, we see them when we can as neither of them or more than a half days drive away and they both will be here for Christmas) - but my baby is all the way up in New York and we hadn't seen him in over two years.

All my guys.

Something you won't often see on here is a photo of me but I was so happy to have my guys together I actually let someone take my picture.

Baby boy's bride was working and could not make this trip. We love her just as much as we do our boys but I can not tell you what it meant to me to have these 3 guys all together in one place at the same time. Timothy was here less than 24 hours but we managed to get a family photo (one of Jason's friends came for a day and he took this for us.

And all too soon, it was time to say good bye again.

I"m trying to keep myself busy so I'm working on decking the halls for Christmas. My progress is slow. Right now it looks like a Christmas store exploded but I'll get it all together and take some pictures. Like I said, no promises, but I will try to make posts more often - even if I am the only one that sees them!