Monday, December 30, 2013

Is it too late (picture heavy post)

to show Christmas photos? I hope not, because I'm just now getting around to it. It is all still up but will probably start coming down tomorrow.

 Master bedroom

 I put these little silver initials on the shelf over our bed - I kinda like them and am thinking about leaving them there.

 Little tree on the dresser in our bedroom.

 Same tree as last year (in fact I don't think I bought anything new this year - I did make a few ornaments I may show later) Not sure about this tree though - I took this picture before a strand of lights went out - I'm either going to have to re-do all the lights or get a new tree. I hate doing lights.

 Stitched these a couple of years ago, but not sure if I ever showed them.

 In the breakfast area

 I love these little glass snowmen

 and my little sweet tree.

 also in the breakfast area (just to the right of last photos)

 if you look above the little table you see three stockings - my great-grandmother made them and I use them somewhere every year.

 My kitchen cart - it is really hard to get a picture in here because of the glass on the picture.

 Dining room 

 twin guest room

 other bed in twin room

 other guest room - also hard to photograph - if I close the blinds it is too dark.

 a little tree on top of a cabinet in my office/sewing room 

 Stockings hung in the entry - we don't have a fireplace.

 What you see when you open the front door - on the other side of that cabinet is where the stockings are hung.
 Dining room again - these two windows are the only ones that face the front of the house downstairs.

Last but not least - the fireman tree is at the top of the stairs. The game room is just to the right and the bedrooms and my room are down that short little hall.

I hope this isn't post-Christmas overload but I had all the pictures on the computer and just haven't had time to decide which ones to post. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Terry said...

So perfect! I love your home!

pam said...

So lovely

Robin said...

Wow, Tina! What fabulous pictures; thank you for sharing!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Robin in Virginia

Mouse said...

love all your christmassy decorations and would love to come and stay in your guest bedrooms :)
wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx