Wednesday, July 25, 2007

plate collage

I've had plates on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom for a long time, but when I saw the plate collage on Tina's blog, I knew I had to have one for myself! Here is my version.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina!
I'm Carol in CA, and I'm new here too...found your blog from the Cherry Hill blog! I, too, love cross stitching, and it looks like you got some nice stash from my favorite store..Silver Needle! I just got some nice things the other day...don't you just love how they wrap things? But I didn't get jellybeans!? I see you have an LHN chart...I just finished "Coffee Menu" and am starting CCN's "The Bakery"! Love your blog and pics..very inspiring! LOVE the plate collage!
Please visit my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Your plate collage looks GREAT! You did a fab-o job! And I also like the cute plant container...that's the cutest thing ever! Your pillowcases are just beautiful! Fun blog!

TinaTx said...

Thanks Tina!