Thursday, July 26, 2007


I finally got the new pillowcases on the bed! I really enjoyed stitching these, but my fingers are happy to be back to using a tapestry needle instead of a sharp. I can see myself doing more in the future though - I'm thinking of maybe doing some for Christmas gifts this year.


Anonymous said...

The pillowcases are gorgeous! Where did you find the pattern? Just the other day a friend of mine was talking about possibly doing this! We LOVE the look! And what a beautiful room you have them in! I'd love to do this.
We have some things in common besides loving the Silver Needle! I have been married 29 years, and we had a little dachschund! I hope to stop at Elegant Stitch in Modesto CA next time we're up that way. Son lives in Fresno, so its not too far!

Anonymous said...

Put me on your Christmas list lol. Those are so darn cute. I just love them!!
:) Bren

Anonymous said...

I just love the pillowcases. Never tried with the iron on transfers tho. Haven't embroidered in years! Got an idea last night from another site, to pin all my WIP's on a foam board. Now...all 14 of them...are sitting here staring at me! I should post a pic on my blog!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I'm the "anonymous" post before this..I pressed the wrong button!

TinaTx said...

Thanks Bren! Just because I'm 'thinking' about doing some for Christmas doesn't mean it will happen - and if it does, who knows what year it will be! LOL

Carol - yes, I think you should post a pic of your WIPs!