Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bathroom evolution

We are finally though with the master bath (well, except a few touch-ups, but for the purpose of this post we're callin' her done!)

This is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in.


I tried to add a little color with a vintage sheet on the window

and a few things hanging on the wall

Cabinets with no hardware. Shameful. (no offense to those of you that like oak cabinets with no hardware - I'm just a painted cabinet with hardware kind of girl) You can see just a tiny bit of the floor in this picture. This is the ONLY floor in the whole house that isn't beige! Yep - walls, ceilings and floors were all beige! Eventually the beige carpet will give way to some wood floors, but first things first. Sorry - got a bit distracted for a minute. :)

We painted the walls in the main part of the bathroom 'patina' and I made a curtain topper. The white curtain is from Target, I just cut it off so it would fit the window (and used the upper part to conceal the laundry hamper in the laundry room) The topper is just basically a square pulled up with ribbon.

Then we had the 'water closet' otherwise known as a tiny room inside the bathroom where the toilet is 'hidden'. (we took the door off here pretty much first thing when we moved in!) This 'room' is 34" wide and not much deeper. The cabinet on the wall is barely deep enough for a roll of toilet paper so it is pretty useless in here. (but will make a decent cabinet in the garage to hold screws and such)

Another bulk lighting fixture.

We took the cabinet down and painted this area 'pebble' which is a lighter green than the main part of the room. Kinda hard to tell the difference in paint colors in these pics but if you look at the next pic, we didn't paint the ceiling so you can see it a little better. (it shows up more IRL)

We replaced the light fixture too.

We took down those useless (and not level) shelves that were on either side of the vanity and put up these white cabinets.

We also changed out the 'Hollywood' light fixture and put in new faucets. (we had already changed the ceiling fixture - you can see a tiny part of the chandelier in the mirror)

Painted the cabinet and added glass knobs. (love glass knobs!) Yesterday I finally finished the frame on the mirror. Quite a change from the first picture to the last! I thought I had some more pictures along the way, but since this post is pretty picture heavy already I won't go looking for them. :)

That pretty much takes care of the downstairs except for the kitchen cabinets (they will probably be last) and the inside of a couple of closets. Next up is the stairway - which will be a major job!

Well, so much for the sunshine. We had some sun yesterday but it is cloudy and gray again today. It is supposed to rain and get colder again this afternoon. Yuck.

Well - if you stayed through to the end of this post - thanks! I'll try to keep it a little shorter next time!

Have a great day.


Karen said...

Wow! Great job.

Julie said...

Great job! I like the colors you used.

Tracey said...

Very pretty! (I don't think your post was too long!) It's amazing what paint can do :^)

annemarie said...

I am so impressed - love your bathroom. What kind of paint do you use - it is such a pretty color. Was framing the mirror difficult. This is something I would love to do but do not know where to begin! Keep warm - it is really getting colder by the hour.

dany chandra said...

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Patty C. said...

Great Redo !!

Anonymous said...

You made so many great changes! I love the curtain thing with the ribbons. All of it is so pretty and looks new! Terry

Daffycat said...

That looks fantastic, Tina! All your hard work really shows!

The Durham Family said...

Love it! I also HATE oak cabinets...they are in both of our bathrooms!

Rhona said...

What a transformation! Great job...makes me want to re-do my bathroom!

Unknown said...

Love what you have done with "my" bathroom (I have almost the identical bathroom - but my oak cabinets came with hardware).

Thanks for a little inspiration.

Carolyn said...

WOW! What a change, and I love it! I'm a painted cabinets with knobs kinda gal, too. The difference is amazing. You sooo need to come down and help me with your wonderful decorating ideas. Okay, okay, I'll come get you! LOL HUGS

Jan said... Seriously, mine is very similar to your before...only difference is I have brass fixtures, brass everything, even the 2 ton mirror is framed in brass, and I have heard that you can't paint brass. Why not? I ask, you can paint anything else. Oh well, love your picks, you have done a fantastic job, I love it and I need to do something and soon! lol

{{{Tina}}} for the sweet card!

Unknown said...
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