Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend escape

I escaped over the weekend

to hang out with friends.

We ate.

We stitched.

We had visitors - but they were hard to get pictures of. We saw at least a dozen or more over the weekend. They were right in the back yard - we could watch them out the windows. I wanted pictures of the babies but as soon as I went outside they ran away.

This was my project for the weekend. Yes, this is all I managed to stitch in two days. It is hard to keep count when you are laughing!
I hope you had fun over the weekend!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Sounds like fun! And what a lovely location - I bet you guys really did have the best time. I envy you! :)


Daffycat said...

Awww, that sounds like a great time!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! fun!..but .....dude! ya'll are INTO crackers! lol
Terry in Arlington

TinaTx said...

LOL, Terry! Everyone brought stuff - and everyone brought crackers! Trust me, not all of those boxes got opened.

Mary Ivancicts said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

We are not going to get vacation this year, sad to say, and I will miss the week stitching with my friend in Texas this year! we look forward to it every year. She lives in Frisco,TX. We just love it there. I will look up the pattern, thanks.

Mary Ivancicts said...

Thank you, I got the pattern, and that will be my first quilt project.

Sassy J said...

What fun.....friends and stitchin....can't get any better than that! Jennifer