Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking out my front door

So, I stepped outside to take these instead of taking them through the door - I figured you didn't really want to see the ever-present, no matter how often I clean it, dog snot and slobber that is on the storm door. Anyway - this is the 'back side' of the flowerbed with the mushrooms in it. See all the gardenia blooms? I can't keep up with them. They bloom, and wilt faster than I can keep them pulled off but they sure do smell good! (though I don't like anything with an artificial gardenia scent - I'm weird)

Still lots of buds waiting to bloom.

Yes, we need to trim the shrubs - again! Personally - I would not have planned this sidewalk this way. It is pretty much useless. (I guess if I parked in the garage it might be a little more useful, but, well - that's not going to happen!) I would have had it curve back out to the sidewalk that runs in front of the house. To change it would mean having to go through the HOA - not something I want badly enough to do at the moment. I can save that for later. :)

It's cloudy and windy today. There is actually a small chance of rain today - and a bigger chance tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath - or closing the back windows on my van just yet - but at least there is hope!

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Anonymous said...

i am like that real gardenias, but not perfume. Your bed looks lovely! We are having tons of rain and big storms here. Hope you got some too! Terry