Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Afternoon!

My lantana is going strong
I wish I had my camera with me the other day - humming birds were having a nice meal, but by the time I could get in the house and hunt down the camera of course they were gone. I planted three small plants last year and they seem to like it there so I'm leaving them for now. My flower bed has been so ignored this year. We did plant a Texas Sage where the chair was sitting before and I put out some potato vine that is doing pretty well as long as it stays watered. You can see some of it beside the lantana - I'll get a shot of the whole bed soon.

Thanks to those who are still stopping by.

Lots to get done today so I better get busy.


Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, Tina! Your Lantana is gorgeous!

Robin in Virginia

A Romantic Porch said...

We have had quite a few hummingbirds around too. I don't have a feeder out. They go to the flowers. I think they must be stocking up on calories for their migration across the Gulf of Mexico!
Have a great day!
xo rachel