Friday, March 20, 2015

Looking out my back door

 My poor back yard has been neglected lately.

 We have had so much rain - unfortunately the only thing green out there is weeds.
Look closely by the bench by the fence (ignore the stuff that needs to be power washed)
Nicholas spotted Boots (the neighbors cat) and started barking his fool head off, but this is as close as he got. Boots didn't move until Autumn came out barking then they both moved so fast I couldn't get a picture of them.

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Ours promises to be rain again so I'm off to take in the rain free weather this afternoon.


Robin said...

Enjoy your weekend, Tina! Hope you get a break from the rain!

Robin in Virginia

Rue said...

That cat looks none to happy about Nicholas LOL

I hope you get out of the rain soon, my friend.