Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Maybe once a month?

Maybe I can make at least one post a month? Clearly once a week isn't working.
Last month I went to the annual 3 Stitches get-away. It's always a fun weekend. 
 This was our 'collection bag' this year
 We had a fall theme this year (it is always different) Everything except the magnet board came home with me as projects to join the other years that I haven't finished. (I am almost finished with the one on the qsnap)
 Some of the give-aways
 I didn't buy a lot this year, but I did manage to use up all the gift certificate from Christmas. :)
 I thought this little guy was too cute to pass up. I have one magnet board that is full of just  magnets, no place for a chart, but he was just too cute to pass up.
 One of my door prizes was this Vera Bradley cup and note card - I had just bought a couple of VB pieces in the same pattern as the note pad. It is always fun to see how door prizes and blind gift exchanges end up fitting the person that gets them!
This was I got in the gift exchange. Love all of it and have been using the mug for my afternoon coffee every day.

I'm quite sure I've left some stuff out of the pictures but things have been a little on the frantic side around here lately. I am an over packer so I usually just keep living out of my suitcase until it is empty then put it back in the closet, I didn't get it empty before there was a family issue that came up and I ended up having to pack again and spent a week in J'ville. I have finally got the suitcase put away but in the process of trying to get things ready for an unexpected trip of unknown length some things got lost in the shuffle. (they are here, just didn't get photographed)

Okay - I'm still way behind on stuff here so I better get to it.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week. We are having great weather but it is supposed to change again tomorrow. :(


Robin in Virginia said...

Your annual stitching getaway sounded like a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing what you came home with. Hope things are settling down for you! Thinking of you!

Robin in Virginia

Terry said...

Those things all look fun and cute! Love, Terry

Rue said...

Lovely gifts, Tina :)

I hope the trip went well.