Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Little Fall Around the House

We finally have some fallish weather here in southeast Texas so I thought I would show you my limited fall decor.
 In the guest room - I leave this little feather tree out year round and change the decorations to suit the season 
 Couldn't get a good picture of my stuffed pumpkins - lights off and no flash was too dark, lights on with no flash was still too dark so I finally just used the flash which makes them look a bit washed out.
 I love this little corner of my breakfast room
 it kind of substitutes for a fireplace (mantle) since we don't have one. We have talked about getting a fake (electric) one but don't really have a good place for one.
Last, but not least - my little Tom Turkey, gifted from a dear friend.


Robin in Virginia said...

Glad fall has shown up! I like your little feather tree, Tina! What do you have hanging from it? Your Tom Turkey is adorable.

Rue said...

Very sweet, Tina! I love the tiered stand :)

Happy belated birthday to your daughter in law.