Thursday, February 9, 2017

Red, White and Blue

I hope this picture looks better on your screen than it does on mine! I finally finished this cute design by Sam Sarah Design Studio. I put the final stitches in it last night but I haven't had a chance to press it yet so I haven't sewn the buttons on yet - I'll get to it.
Now to find the box with the kitted projects in it so I can see what to work on next. I've also got a quilt going so I don't have time to be bored! (I still have boxes to unpack and I can't find anything in my sewing room - I should be working on that but, well, I'm not)

Today is the middle kidlet's birthday so I went looking around on my computer for a picture of him and all I could find were ones from Christmas and none of him by himself so here is one of him with his dad. I know there are more, just not sure where. (though he is good about avoiding having his picture made)  

Happy Birthday, Timothy!


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, congratulations on your sam Sarah finish. It is lovely. What thread did you use for the blue flower? Happy birthday wishes to your son.

Terry said...

Love that design! Happiest of days to Timothy!