Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A couple of quilts

I finished a couple of quilts last month. I used the same pattern but different fabrics.
They have both been delivered to their new homes so I thought I would show them to you. I failed to take a picture of the back of them. The top one has the same fabric on the back as the binding. The bottom one has a black and white print on the back.

 It's a super simple pattern (if you want to know the name of it, email me and I will dig it out - it's already buried in the closet somewhere)

The pattern calls for circles to be machine appliqued to the top and bottom but I wanted them to be a little more feminine so I made yo-yos and hand appliqued them on. There are 18 on each quilt. I love yo-yos but I think it will be awhile before I make any more!

On to the next project!


susan said...

I can't believe you finished both of these in one month! It takes me that long to
make a pillow top. They're both beautiful!

Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, you already know that I really like both of the quilts you finished. I know the recipients are thrilled to have received them.

Rue said...

You are so talented, Tina! I'm always amazed at anyone that can quilt, but especially that quick!

I hope you have a lovely Easter :)