Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day!

 I'm such a bad blogger. I always think I will get posts up and then I get busy and the day gets away from me.

It's hard to find recent photos of my dad but I have a couple of ones from when he was younger that I love, so I thought I would post this one. He's a great dad and an awesome papa!  He is always there to lend a hand when needed or give advice - even loans out tools on occasion. LOL. Maybe I will snap a pic next time I see him since I know he likes to have his picture taken! (NOT) Should have done that yesterday.

Speaking of great dads - this guy here, is a keeper. Nothing he wouldn't do for his boys. 

These are the men in my life.  
Love them all with all my heart!

Maybe I will be back before the end of the month - no promises.


Robin in Virginia said...

Tina, you aren't a bad blogger! I really like the picture of your Dad; love the picture of the men in your life. Have a good week!

Terry said...

I’m so glad you have them all!