Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Happy New Year!

Better late than never, huh?

It took awhile but all the Christmas decor is put away. I have a few things that are winter but not Christmas that I left out - I will try to get those posted soon. They may overlap the Valentine stuff since I don't have a lot of either.

I found one more new ornament on my tree when I was taking it down.

I picked this up when I visited Biltmore last May. I would love to see it at Christmas sometime!

I finally finished my January piece and got it in the frame.

And I got started on February. Maybe I will get it finished before the end of the month!

It's January and my geranium is still blooming - the one on the other side of the porch bit the dust way back in the summer but this one just keeps on going.

The hydrangeas have buds all over them.
I'm sure they will all be toast after this weekend - temps are supposed to hit low 20s - coldest temps so far this winter.

Hope everyone is having  a great 2019 so far!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Your January stitch looks good, Tina! Your geranium is so pretty. Mine finally bit the dust late winter 2018 and I need to replace them this spring.