Saturday, January 18, 2020

Yes, she can!

                                           I did it! I finished January! That completes the set.
                                                   I've only been working on it since 2004.

Got the tree down and this is now the view to the right of my stitching chair.

I have 'winter' in my tray in the kitchen. It looks like winter out there this morning but who knows what it will do from minute to minute it could be in the 30s one minute and 70s the next (I think we actually hit 80 one day last week) Texas weather - don't like it? Give it a minute - it'll change!

I have plenty to keep myself busy inside so it's all good.
Enjoy your weekend!


Robin in Virginia said...

Well done on getting the January block finished, mounted and on display! Woohoo, Tina! Okay, what is that by your stitching chair? Your winter tray looks super. Enjoy your weekend!

Martine said...

Nice finish. Beautiful day to you