Monday, January 7, 2008

No dirt!

Well, after playing hooky on Friday and spending the day in Canton (totally worth it - I had a great time with Margo and Vickie!) I had big plans for Saturday and Sunday. I swear I moved all day Saturday but nothing seemed to get accomplished. Sunday I was sidelined by a headache early in the day (resorted to nasal spray which is always a bad sign!) Once that finally backed off I decided to ditch the cleaning plans and just sit and stitch a bit. Instead of going for something that might take a bit of brain power (not something I have a lot of when the headaches hit!) I decided to get out this little cutie I got at the Quilt Festival. It is from a company called The Good Life and I'm loving the fabric it is stitched on - just thick enough for the threads no to show through. It came already printed on the fabric and the thread and needle were included. Easy stitching - I might even finish it tonight, depending on how long it takes me to actually sit down and start stitching. I'm thinking I will make it into a pillow when it is finished. Hummm - don't hold your breath waiting for that post!

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