Sunday, May 18, 2008

one week

When we went to get the rocking chairs for the front porch they had some baskets of morning glories. Now, granted, they were already a couple of feet tall and had blooms on them, but they were still fairly small baskets and they were 24.99 each. I don't think so. So, last weekend when we were shopping for plants for the front flowerbeds, I picked up a package of morning glory seeds for 1.25. I figure if they do nothing I'm not out much. I planted them last Sunday in some of the small pots I had after planting the front beds. Here is what I have after a week.

I only had 7 pots so I just divided the package among them which put six seeds in each pot. Will see if any more pop up.
Hubby has been digging up another flower bed so I'll have a place to plant these. I have never grown morning glories before - in fact, I don't think I've planted any seeds of anything since the kids were in kindergarten!
Will see how these do. If they actually bloom, I'll know to start earlier next year!
While Mr. Wonderful has been outside moving grass, I've been inside cleaning. You can really tell that I have not spent any time on the house in the past few weeks. I'm about through (well - I could still clean all day, but I'm calling it quits after I mop the floors) I hope to have some sit n' stitch time before I have to start dinner. I've already made dessert (banana pudding). Baby boy and his bride are supposed to be here in time for dinner.
Hope you are having a fun - or productive - weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love growing from seeds there is something so rewarding about it....
You know hydrangeas need shade and lots of it here in our heat..... mine do droop but only when I haven't watered them enough... what color are yours?

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love how your front flower beds turned out. I also love your rocking chairs, what a nice gift.

Banana pudding, yum, that sounds soooo good.

Hope your day goes well.

Irma :)

Suzanne said...

Morning glories are so easy to grow from seed. Don't you have to nick the seed coat though? They're very tough as I remember.

You need to plant them somewhere that will allow them to climb. Be careful or they'll climb all over your other plants!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

staci said...

I've been thinking of planting some morning glories along part of our fence...