Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ornament received!

This is the newest ornament in the ornament exchange. The one I sent hasn't been received yet so I'll save that picture for another day. I am enjoying this exchange. We are only mailing every other month so it hasn't been stressful - yet.
Worked out in the yard again this weekend but I think the fat lady (that would be me) is singing - this is the last bed I'm going to do this year. It is just getting too hot and staying out in the heat like that is just an invitation for a migraine. Anyway - this is the side yard. Ignore the fact that the yard needs to be mowed.

I should have taken a close-up of the morning glories at the bottom of the trellis. Those are the ones I started from seed a few weeks ago - I hope they get big enough to actually climb the trellis and bloom - I should have started them sooner but I'll know next year!
Hope you have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Your flower bed look so pretty ... love the little mushrooms....just wait those morning glories will just take off

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Good morning Tina. Yes, I still love my green bathroom. Sometimes I forget about it and walk in and BAMMM it reminds me. It really stands out from the rest of my quiet , still home. I guess I just needed to spice some things up. I read a few post ago about your hydranreas. I just planted six and took pictures for a future post. Scary.. I live in Louisiana and mine are a bit droopy as well. I thought it was because they were newly planted. Guess I'll just have to see. I will keep checking back on your comments if you dont mind. Maybe someone will have a wise word for us. Take care, Susie H

Linda said...

Pretty flower beds.....the morning glories are going to look so pretty on the trellis. Linda

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I tried to take a picture of my Esperanza yesterday with my "new" fancy camera. Unfortunately, I don't know now to operate my new fancy camera so the picture came out blurry. Really blurry. I'll try again, though. I want to show you how pretty a plant it is! lol I think I love it so much because this Texas sun doesn't damage it one little bit. It seems to thrive in it, as a matter of fact. It amazes me that ANYTHING can thrive in this heat. :)


Michelle said...


Your flower beds look wonderful..I just had my first morning glory bloom yesterday!! Good luck with yours :)


pedalpower said...

Don't feel bad, I'm just getting morning glories in the ground today! It's been cold and wet here.

your garden looks great.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh I hope my plants make it. I think it's just so darn hot here. I hope yours do better now being moved. Susie H

Kathy said...

Very nice ornament.

Lovely flower beds. I know about getting out in the heat. Don't like it either. You have done a lot of work outside.