Monday, June 2, 2008

I've been a bad blogger

I like to blog at least every couple of days - if not every day. I see I haven't been here since last Wednesday. May just wasn't a great month for me - June didn't start out with a bang either. (if you are just here for stitching content - scroll down - I am going to vent a bit first, but there will be a stitching picture before I'm done)

I know I have said here before that I have migraines. I probably had been having them long before they were diagnosed as such but I didn't know that was what they were (I have common migraines - no aura) until I started researching and looking back. They were not anything compared to what I have now. This ordeal started with a severe headache on Feb. 6, 2006. Yes, I remember the date. I've had a headache ever since that day. It varies in intensity but it never goes away completely. I've had the list of tests - MRI (otherwise know as the tunnel of terror - I'm claustrophobic, and it is much worse after that incident) Sleep study, blood work, etc. Everything checks out okay and yet I still have the ever-present headache. For the most part, I try to ignore it when it isn't too bad and just go on with what I have to do. The last 4 weeks have been really bad headache weeks. I've had several of the ones that max out meds and I still end up in bed. (like yesterday) My neuro comes highly recommended as far as migraine treatment and we have been through I don't know how many daily preventative meds that haven't worked. I'm starting to feel defective. I know she is doing everything she knows to do but how long can it go on before we have exhausted all possibilities and then what? I know I am just frustrated at the moment and it always helps to vent a little when one is frustrated. (and note, I think the problem is with me, not the dr!) My next appointment is in two weeks. When I just have one or two bad days in a week - or if I'm really lucky and make a week with no bad days - I don't get so depressed about it, but when the just keep coming it gets old! It is hard to be productive - even if the meds finally kick in, I am usually just exhausted after one. Anyway - I don't really like to talk about this much here, but it is a big part of who I have been the past 2+ years. my hubby tries to be understanding - I know he gets frustrated too. I'm sure I can be quite the bitch after several bad days in a row. It is a one day at a time thing - sometimes one hour at a time. Today I've managed with the 'middle of the road' meds which is better than having to go for the big guns, but I'm ready for a few days of no meds. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. (you can email me) So, this is a lot of the reason I've not been a good blogger lately. Besides not being up to posting, I haven't accomplished a lot to have anything to post about!

So - since I don't have any stitching updates to show - I'll show the last ornament I sent for the exchange. It arrived last week but I haven't posted since she let me know it got there. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out - might have to stitch this one for myself one day.

It is 'Christmas Tree' by Scandinavian Stitches and was in the 2007 JXS ornie issue. I haven't picked the ornament I'm going to stitch for the July mailing yet - thought I would wait until I got back from my girls weekend to work on that. I did get a few stitches in on the Red Thread project last night but not as much as I would like. I've decided on what I'm going to take (stitching wise) for the weekend and as soon as I get all the pieces and parts together, I'll post about those.

I did make it to Tyler last week and stopped by Margo's booth at the antique mall. I picked up this fork chandie for my front flower bed.

I need to get a close-up so you can see it better.

I thought I would have hit my 200th post by now but it just happened. As it is, it will probably not happen until I get back from my weekend getaway but I will have something for a giveaway when I hit 200. I'm only about 6 weeks away from my one year anniversary and I'll try to think of a giveaway for that too. (I know what I'm doing for #200 - but I'll tell you about that when we get there!)

Well, that's all folks. Guess I should see about getting some kind of dinner together for my guys.


Linda said...

Hi sorry you are suffering a horrible migraine...hoping you are feeling better soon

I love your stitch, I'm so looking forward to the 2008 JXS! Tonight is our stitchie get together...we are moving right along and having fun too.

Your fork chandie is too cute. I clicked on it and could really see how it was made. Some people are so clever. Take care...Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,
Dave use to have VERY bad mirgraines...he was even in the hospital once...
He has food allergies... whole wheat .oatmeal, chocolate, all kinds of things.... you might look into that... he no longer has them ...only if he sneaks something he shouldn't... we didn't find it out form a doctor

LoneStar said...


My DH and his Dad (runs in the family) have migraines. They have an unusual kind. The medication that finally worked for them was blood pressure medicine. Now neither of them have high blood pressure; they're blood pressure is completely normal. But as migraines are caused by a variance in brain blood vessels, some can be helped with blood pressure medicine. My DH has taken both Toprol and Propanolol with great sucess. HTH. Ask your doctor about this - it can't hurt!

Lisa (Texan)

LBP said...

Tina, just stumbled onto your blog. I have chronic migraines as well. Fortunately, Zomig has been my godsend. We went through everything you have, sleep studies, food diaries, etc.. They can find no rhyme or reason for my migraines. I chose not to take a daily medication that will "maybe" help me not have a migraine. I just take the zomig when I feel one coming on.
Good Luck on finding something that works for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Person, the first thing I thought of was an allergy too. Today you are going to start to feel better, as some earth angels are going to help you to discover what and why. Blessings to your self and especially to your head. Phyllis

Do you mind if I put you on the Silent Unity prayer list???

staci said...

Fabulous ornament! Hope that you are feeling better, migraines are so awful!

TinaTx said...


Thanks so much for your comment - I would have liked to email you but you left no contact info. I hope you come back to find my response.

Of course I don't mind if you put me on the Silent Unity prayer list. Prayer never hurts!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


Sonda said...

I'm sorry to hear about the migraines. I've never had them (a few bad tension headaches, tho) but I sympathize with you. Your ornament looks great!

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your eternal headaches. K knew from reading your blog that you had headaches, but I did not know they had been going on since forever. One thing I would ask is "Do you drink diet soda pop?" Some people have issues with the artifical sweetner in soda pop. I guess it is in a lot of things, but pop is one of the main culprits.

Your ornament is gorgeous.

Hope your girls weekend turns out great. I am behind in reading, so I think it actually was this weekend.