Friday, June 13, 2008

Finished Stitches

Here are the last two things I have finished.

Necessities Sampler by Little House Needleworks

Stash Keep by Homespun Elegance. I just realized I forgot to put the safety pin and button on - they were inside the tin.
I'm still stitching on Flip Flop Days - really a fun stitch. I also started Housework, but I've only got two letters stitched so far so nothing to show there. I think I'll keep at those two for the weekend and then get back to the Red Thread - and I need to pick an ornament for the next mailing on that exchange.
Other than that - I've got 4 metal lawn chairs to sand and paint. I'm not sure how many layers of paint are under that dark green but I'm sure there are a lot! I'm not planning on sanding them completely, just enough to get them where they can be primed and painted again! I've got 4 different colors picked to paint them with. This may take a while since it is so blasted hot here I'll only be able to get in a little time in the evenings when it cools off a bit.
Don't forget I'll pick a name on Sunday afternoon from the comments on my 200th post for the frog fob - if you haven't left a comment there, there is still time!
Have a great weekend.


annemarie said...

I love your latest projects - how do you do it all??? Your accomplish so much and with a full time job yet! I know what you mean by hot - Houston was 94 degrees today - ugh.

Anonymous said...

Your needlework is beautiful. I remember the days when I always had some handwork next to my chair. I looked forward to sitting down in front of a good tv show or sewing while having a chat with friends, who usually had needlework of their own. I look at my sewn treasures, for what's more of a treasure than something you lovingly stitched by hand, and I realize if there was a fire: I'd better grab those quick! They will be what my daughters inherit instead of money!

Anonymous said...

Both pieces are so very nice, love that little tin box, what a great find!

nwalker said...

Hey fellow Texan! You've been tagged by me! I hope you have a satisfying Saturday!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Tina,

Your finished pieces are just beautiful!

Stay cool,


Linda said...

Both sweet pieces...such nice work.

Have fun painting. What colors are you painting them? Try to stay cool. Hugs, Linda

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You do an awesome job! I use to needlepoint years ago. Where did I find the time with two babies? I dont know but I did it. I miss it. Hope you have a great weekend! Susie H

Anonymous said...

This is such lovely needlework. I have a project I've been working on for years and I should pull it out and finish it.

staci said...

Your finishes are just stunning!!!

Kathy said...

Love your finishes. Have been eyeing that LHN design for myself.

Lots of work to sand and paint those chairs. Want to see the nice job you do when done.

Stay cool.